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Filling With Water - Honeywell CHS122AE User Manual

Portable evaporative air cooler
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Turn off the unit by pressing the POWER button and switching of the Main Power Switch. Remove
the power plug from the wall power outlet with dry hands.
Try not to remove the water tank completely, if you need to, please refer to the water tank refitting
section on how to reinsert the water tank.
Press the UNLOCK RELEASE on the back of the unit by pulling up. You will hear it UNLOCK.
Using two hands: One hand holding the UNLOCK RELEASE up, the other hand below the bottom
of the water tank, and gently pull it out.
The water tank can be filled several different ways.
Always ensure there is adequate water in the water tank before switching ON the unit in COOL &
WARM modes.
Operating the unit with inadequate water levels can cause damage to the water pump and the unit.
If the unit will not be used for an extended period of time, turn off the Main Power Switch on the
left side of the unit and empty the water tank.
Observe the minimum water level mark and maximum water level when filling the water tank.
It is recommended to fill the water tank directly by pulling the tank half-way or one-third out and
pour water into it.
You can also open the top cover of the ice compartment; use a pitcher to pour water into the ice
compartment, the water will drain down into the water tank. Do not fill water above the "Max."
water level mark to avoid water droplets collecting on the louvers.
You can also remove the tank and fill directly from the kitchen sink. Please note it is a 12 litre
capacity water tank. Please be careful when transporting the water tank after it is filled with water.
It is recommended that you use a large towel near the fill area as it is easy to spill water if you
do not smoothly slide the tank back into place. It is recommended that you put a water proof
mat under the unit if you have hardwood floors. Make sure that the floor is a flat level and hard
surface and do not tilt or angle the unit.
Once you put the water tank back in place, press firmly until you hear it lock in. If you do not hear
the CLICK and if the back of the tank is not flush the unit will not operate.
Make sure that your hands are dry before plugging the power plug into the wall outlet to avoid
serious harm or death from electrical shock.
Note: The water capacity refers to the total volume of water that can be contained within the air
cooler water tank and water distribution system. The water capacity in the tank at the "Max." indicator
level may be lower than the actual water capacity of the air cooler.
WARNING: Do not fill water tank with dirty water or salt water. This can damage the unit and Honeycomb



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