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Mitsubishi Electric apricot MS660 Owner's Handbook Manual Page 73

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T r o u b l e s h o o t i n g
Expansion cards
Check that the AC power supply is switched on, and that the fuse
in the AC plug (if any) has not blown. If the system still does not
seem to be getting power, obtain another power cord from your
If there is no display check that the monitor is turned on, and the
brightness and contrast controls are not too low.
If you have fitted a new video controller expansion card and
subsequently encounter problems try disabling the on-board video
controller by removing a jumper from the motherboard. See the
chapter 'System motherboard' for more information.
If an expansion card does not work, check that all internal cables are
securely connected, that the card is configured correctly, that its use
of system resources does not conflict another card or motherboard
component, and that legacy resources (if it is an ISA card) are
properly declared in the BIOS setup utility. Check also that the
software which drives or uses the card is correctly configured. Check
in the chapter, 'Expansion Cards' for information, and in 'System
BIOS and Setup' to see whether your chosen settings are useable.
Run a terminal program, such as HyperTerminal (in Windows 95)
to start troubleshooting. Then type AT [Return] for a simple check
of modem operation, it should return 'OK'.
Text typed in on the keyboard does not appear on screen.
◊ Check that communication software is configured with the
correct COM port and IRQ settings (the same COM port
and IRQ as the modem). Your communication software
will not be able to send and receive any data via your
modem if these settings are incorrect.


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