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New Drives/accessories - Mitsubishi Electric apricot MS660 Owner's Handbook Manual

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S y s t e m U p g r a d e s
Fitting new drives/accessories
The new drive should have fixing and installation instructions with
it, making it a fairly simple task. If you do not feel confident about
the procedure you could have your supplier or service organisation
complete it for you.
Turn off the computer and unplug all power cords. Take suitable
anti-static precautions and remove the system side panels. If the
device has a control card, it will be necessary to remove the top
panel. Detailed instructions for this are given in chapter 1.
If you are unfamiliar with the recommended anti-static precautions,
refer to the antistatic section at the rear of this handbook.
Carefully remove the front bezel blanking insert by pushing it
off from the rear with a blunt point. A hole for this is provided
inside the system, alongside the metal drive cage. (If a second
hard drive has been fitted, the lower bay is not available).
Pull out the blanking plate on the front of the internal drive
bay metalwork.
Check in the supplied documentation, before installation, for
any configuration jumpers and links that may need setting.
Carefully slide the new device into the bay from the front and
secure it with screws on both sides. Make sure that the front of
the device is aligned as close as possible to the front bezel.
Connect a suitable power cable from one of the available
unused ones.
Install any control card supplied with the drive, by following
the detailed information given in the preceding chapter.
Follow any additional instructions provided as regards to signal
cable connection etc.
After checking that no other cables have become dislodged or
trapped, refit the system panels.
10. Follow any further instructions as given in any supplied
manuals, such as software or configuration requirements.


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