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Using Your Computer; Using The 3.5 Diskette Drive - Mitsubishi Electric apricot MS660 Owner's Handbook Manual

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Using the floppy diskette drive


You should read this chapter even if you do not read any other. It
provides useful information on the correct operation of the drives
fitted to your computer and explains the multimedia features.
This guide assumes that your computer is up and running. If you
have yet to get the computer up and running please refer to the
'Quick Start Guide' before you read any further.
The floppy disk drive is usually configured in the system BIOS as
drive A:, with a capacity of 1.44 Mbytes.
The floppy diskette drive can read and write to both 720 Kbytes
disks (if marked 'DD' or 'double density') and 1.44 Mbytes disks (if
marked 'HD' or 'high density'). The HD disks have twice the capacity
of DD disks, it is therefore more economical to purchase them.
Each diskette has a rigid plastic cover with a metal shutter that
guards the disk surface. The drive automatically moves the shutter
aside to read the diskette.
Never touch the exposed surface under the shutter; you could deform the
disk or leave a fingerprint that might make it difficult to read.
The immediate physical differences between the HD and DD
floppy disks are shown in the diagram below:
The HD disks have the 'HD' logo near the shutter and an extra
hole beside the label. This enables the drive to distinguish between


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