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Yamaha PJP-25URS Quick Start Manual page 5

Conference microphone speaker
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Caution: Read This before Operating Your Unit.
To assure the finest performance, please read this manual
carefully. Keep it in a safe place for future reference.
Install this unit in a well ventilated, cool, dry, clean place with at
least 10 cm on the top, 10 cm on the left and right, and 10 cm at
the back of this unit — away from direct sunlight, heat sources,
vibration, dust, moisture, and/or cold.
Locate this unit away from other electrical appliances, motors, or
transformers to avoid humming sounds.
Do not expose this unit to sudden temperature changes from cold
to hot, and do not locate this unit in an environment with high
humidity (i.e. a room with a humidifier) to prevent condensation
inside this unit, which may cause an electrical shock, fire,
damage to this unit, and/or personal injury.
Avoid installing this unit where foreign object may fall onto this
unit and/or this unit may be exposed to liquid dripping or
splashing. On the top of this unit, do not place:
– Other components, as they may cause damage and/or
discoloration on the surface of this unit.
– Burning objects (i.e. candles), as they may cause fire, damage
to this unit, and/or personal injury.
– Containers with liquid in them, as they may fall and liquid
may cause electrical shock to the user and/or damage to this
Do not cover this unit with a newspaper, tablecloth, curtain, etc.
in order not to obstruct heat radiation. If the temperature inside
this unit rises, it may cause fire, damage to this unit, and/or
personal injury.
Do not plug in this unit to a wall outlet until all connections are
Do not operate this unit upside-down. It may overheat, possibly
causing damage.
Do not use force on switches, knobs, cords, and/or arrayed
10 Do not install this unit near mobile phones and/or television sets
to prevent operation failure caused by electromagnetic waves
and/or magnetism.
11 Use the supplied USB cable. Using other USB cables may cause
an electric shock or fire.
12 Keep your hands dry when connecting or disconnecting the USB
cable to prevent an electric shock.
13 Connect this unit and the PC directly. Connecting them through a
USB hub may cause problems in operation.
14 Do not use force on the USB cable. Doing so may cause a fire,
electrical shock, damage to this unit, short circuit, and/or
15 When not planning to use this unit for long periods of time,
disconnect the USB cable from the PC to prevent a fire.
16 When disconnecting the USB cable from the PC or the power
cable from the wall outlet, grasp the plug: do not pull the cable.
17 Do not use excessive force on the arrayed microphones when
adjusting the angles of the arrayed microphones. It may cause
damage to this unit. Also, be careful not to catch your finger.
18 Be careful not to catch cords and/or foreign object when
adjusting the angles of the arrayed microphones. It may cause
damage to this unit, short circuit, and/or breaking of wire.
19 Do not clean this unit with chemical solvents; this might damage
the finish. Use a clean, dry cloth.
20 Only voltage specified on this unit must be used. Using this unit
with a higher voltage than specified is dangerous and may cause
fire, damage to this unit, and/or personal injury. Yamaha will not
be held responsible for any damage resulting from use of this unit
with a voltage other than specified.
21 Do not attempt to modify or fix this unit. Contact qualified
Yamaha service personnel when any service is needed.
22 Condensation will form when the surrounding temperature
changes suddenly. Disconnect the power cable from the outlet
and USB cable from the computer, then leave this unit alone.
23 When using the unit for a long time, the unit may become warm.
Disconnect the cables, then leave the unit alone for cooling.
24 When changing the position of this unit, be sure to hold the main
body. Holding the arrayed microphones (arm part) may cause
damage to this unit.
25 To prevent damage by lightning, keep the cables disconnected
during a lightning storm.
26 Do not install this product upside down or in upright position, or
mount it on a wall. Install the product on a stable, flat surface by
orienting it horizontally.
To prevent electric shock, match wide blade of plug to wide
slot and fully insert.
This Class B digital apparatus complies with Canadian
This is a class B product. In a domestic environment this
product may cause radio interference in which case the user
may be required to take adequate measures.
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