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Philips IntelliVue MX800 IntelliVue MP2 Configuration Manual Page 98

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4 Configuration Settings Appendix
Monitor Settings
Alarm Settings Configuration Implications
Alarm Volume Use this setting to define the base volume of the red and yellow audible alarm
indicators and the INOP tones.
Alarms Off Use this setting to determine how long the monitor's alarm capabilities will be switched
off when the user selects the Alarms Off or Pause Alarms key. Possible choices are: 1min, 2min,
3min, Infinite. Be aware that if you configure Alarms Off to Infinite, all of the monitor's
alarming capabilities will be permanently switched off when the user selects the Alarms Off key.
It is not recommeded to configure Alarms Off to Infinite in monitors that can be used as
companion devices to a host monitor, such as the X2 or MP5.
Pause Al. 5 Min / Pause Al. 10 Min If these settings are enabled, the user can extend the
alarm pause to 5/10 minutes. If Alarms Off is set to Infinite, these settings are automatically
Alarm Low Use this setting to define a minimum value for the alarm volume. The alarm volume
cannot be set lower than this value.
Red Alarm Volume / Yell. AlarmVolume/Inop Volume Use these settings to set the
alarm volume level for each alarm type relative to the (base) volume selected under Alarm Volume.
Available choices are: AlarmVol+1, AlarmVol+2, AlarmVol+3.
Auto Alarms Off This setting can be configured in Service Mode only. It can be used to switch off
the monitor's alarming capabilities if no vital parameters are left with alarms switched On. The
recommended value for this settings is Disabled.
If you configure the setting Auto Alarms Off to Enabled, the monitor will automatically switch
off its alarming capabilities if the user turns Off the individual alarms for all vital parameters (see below)
that are currently activated and switched On.
The following measurements are considered vital parameters:
• ECG/Pulse
• RR/awRR
• All invasive blood pressure (for example ABP, ART, CVP, PAP)
• SpO
• etCO
AlarmOffReminder If this setting is enabled, the monitor issues a short reminder tone every three
minutes when all alarms have been switched off (by selecting the Alarms Off/Pause Alarms
SmartKey), or if the alarms for the following measurements have been switched off individually: ECG/
Pulse, RR/awRR, all invasive blood pressures, SpO
, etCO
AlarmsOffAtStart If AlarmsOffAtStart is enabled, alarms will be initially suspended or off the next
time the monitor is switched on. Even if it is enabled, this setting only takes effect if the power down time
is more than one minute, and the the Global Setting Automat Default is set to Yes.
In order for alarms to be suspended or switched off initially,
• the monitor must be switched off for more than one minute
• the last main alarm state was set to off or suspended.


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