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Philips IntelliVue MX800 IntelliVue MP2 Configuration Manual Page 82

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4 Configuration Settings Appendix
Bursts lets you switch the Bursts numeric On or Off. To configure this setting, you must
disconnect the BIS/BISx Engine from the BIS module. The Bursts numeric helps you quantify
suppression by measuring the number of EEG bursts per minute, where an EEG burst is defined as a
period of activity followed and preceded by inactivity (at least 0.5 second).
SEF lets you switch the SEF numeric On or Off. The SEF (Spectral Edge Frequency) is the frequency
below which 95% of the Total Power is measured.
TP lets you switch the TP numeric On or Off. The TP (Total Power) numeric indicates the power in
the frequency band 0.5 to 30 Hz. The useful range is 30 - 100 dB.
Scales / Gridlines When Gridlines are switched Off, you can choose from the available
scale values: 50
the EEG wave together with its height equivalent in
When Gridlines are switched On, scales are defined as a range, either
V. Scaling information is shown in the form of gridlines.
Low Filter / High Filter / Notch Filter These settings let you apply filters to the
raw EEG wave. The Low Filter and the High Filter screen out undesirable interference from
the raw EEG wave display. The Notch Filter removes line frequency interference. Filter settings
affect the EEG wave and the SEF and TP values, but they do not affect the BIS, EMG, SR, and SQI
Cont. Imp. Check This setting can be temporarily changed in monitoring mode, but the changes
cannot be permanently stored in config mode. The default is On. The current setting is kept in the
monitor's buffered memory and retained for a max of 60 sec after the monitor is switched off. If the
monitor is switched off for more than 60 sec, Cont. Imp. Check will be reset to On.
Smoothing Rate This setting lets you define how the monitor averages the BIS value. Set this to 15
Sec to increase responsiveness to changes in the patient's state. If set to 30 Sec, the BIS trend will be
smoother with decreased variability and sensitivity to artifacts.
BIS The On/Off state of the BIS measurement cannot be preconfigured. BIS measurements are
automatically switched On when an BIS transducer is connected to the monitor.
Configuring Temperature
When an MMS is connected to the monitor for the first time, it uses the default Temperature label Temp.
When a Measurement Extension Module is connected for the first time, the Temp label used for the
combined Pressure/Temp connector is Trect, the label used for the single Temp connector is Tskin;
plug-in Temperature modules use the label Temp. If you then change the Temp label, the information
will be automatically stored and each device will remember the new label the next time they are
The configuration settings for Temperature can be set individually for each Temp label. The selection of
labels depends on the configured Label Set, see "Configuring General Global Settings" on page 168.
V, 100
V, 200
V, and 500
V. Scaling information is displayed as a vertical bar on
Measurement Settings


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