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Philips IntelliVue MX800 IntelliVue MP2 Configuration Manual Page 79

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Measurement Settings
MDF lets you switch the MDF numeric On or Off. The MDF (Mean Dominant Frequency) is the mean
value of the frequency which dominates the measured EEG.
PPF lets you switch the PPF numeric On or Off. The PPF (Peak Power Frequency) is the frequency
with the highest measured amplitude.
Delta lets you switch the Delta numeric On or Off. The Delta numeric is the percentage of total
power in the Delta wave frequency band (0.5 to 4 Hz).
Theta lets you switch the Theta numeric On or Off. The Theta numeric is the percentage of total
power in the Theta wave frequency band (4 to 8 Hz).
Alpha lets you switch the Alpha numeric On or Off. The Alpha numeric is the percentage of total
power in the Alpha wave frequency band (8 to 13 Hz)
Beta lets you switch the Beta numeric On or Off. The Beta numeric is the percentage of total
power in the Beta wave frequency band (13 to 30 Hz).
SEF Threshold defines the percentage of the TP for which the SEF is calculated.
Numeric Average lets you define the averaging time used for all EEG numerics.
Wave Scale / Show Gridlines
• When Show Gridlines is set to No, you can choose from the available Wave Scale values.
Scaling information is displayed as a size bar beside the EEG wave.
• When Show Gridlines is set to Yes, scales are defined as a range, such as
Gridlines and the current wave scale values are shown with the EEG wave.
Note that this only changes the visual appearance of the wave. It does not affect the signal analyzed by the
monitor or printed in reports or recordings.
Low Filter / High Filter Set the low and high pass filters to screen out undesirable
interference from the raw EEG wave display.
Smoothing CSA This setting defines whether smoothing of the CSA lines is On or Off.
Impedance Limit Allows you to set the Impedance Limit for all electrodes simultaneously. If
the limit is exceeded during monitoring, an INOP will appear and the graphic impedance indicator will
EEG The On/Off state of the EEG measurement cannot be preconfigured. EEG measurements are
automatically switched On when an EEG transducer is connected to the monitor.
Configuring EEG Montages
Measurement Settings: Main Setup -> Measurements -> EEG ->
Show Montage
In the Setup EEG menu, select Show Montage to enter the EEG Impedance/Montage
From the drop-down list, select the name of the montage you want to configure.
Select Change Electrds and follow the instructions given in the window.
4 Configuration Settings Appendix
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