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Philips IntelliVue MX800 IntelliVue MP2 Configuration Manual Page 71

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Measurement Settings
TcGas measurements are automatically switched On when a tcGas transducer is connected to the monitor.
Site Time This setting defines the period after which the clinician is reminded by the monitor to
change the sensor site. When the time expires, the monitor sounds a tone and displays a change site INOP.
Depending on how Heat Switch Off is configured, the monitor either switches off the transducer
heating or continues monitoring. Choose the time you want the transducer to remain on the measurement
site. The optimum time depends on the transducer temperature and your patient's skin sensitivity.
Site Timer This setting is only available if Disable Timer is configured to Allowed. To
disable the site timer, set Site Timer to Disabled.
Ambient Pressure is not a setting that can be stored in the configuration. It uses the Global Setting
Altitude (see "Global Settings" on page 168) to determine the default Ambient Pressure.
Ambient Pressure can be adjusted in both Monitoring and Configuration mode. The monitor
remembers this pressure setting until a new one is entered.
HeatPowerDisplay is not a setting that can be stored in the configuration, it automatically defaults
to Absolute. When a tcGas transducer is connected, HeatPowerDisplay lets you change the way
the heating power of the tcGas sensor is displayed. Choices are Absolute and Relative. For more
detail, see the IntelliVue Instructions for Use.
Disable Timer If Disable Timer is set to Allowed, the user can disable the site timer in
monitoring mode so that the Change Site reminder message is not shown.
Heat Switch Off If Heat Switch Off is set to Yes, the transducer heater is automatically
switched off when the site time period has elapsed. If Heat Switch Off is set to No, the transducer
will remain at operating temperature while it is attached to the patient, and tcGas monitoring will not be
interrupted when the site time period is over.
Transducer Temp. Lets you select the temperature to heat the patient's skin under the tcGas
transducer. This temperature should be selected according to the patient's age, weight and physical
condition, and in accordance with the hospital policy. Usually, a higher transducer temperature gives a
better correlation and a quicker response time. However, higher temperatures also increase the risk of skin
burns. Most physicians prefer a temperature between 42°C (107° F) and 44°C (111° F), and a site time of
four hours or less. Usually, the higher the transducer temperature, the less the site time should be.
Whenever you change the temperature setting, the monitor forces you to make a new calibration.
Correction / MetabolismFactor Transcutaneous pCO
arterial values due to the metabolic processes of the skin and the effect of heating on the blood under the
The transducer temperature causes an increase in partial CO
On, the monitor automatically corrects the measured tcpCO
production in the epidermis increases the CO
metabolic effect is corrected according to the value configured for MetabolismFactor. The monitor
automatically deducts the set value from the measured tcpCO
The On/Off state of the TcpO
4 Configuration Settings Appendix
measurement cannot be preconfigured.
pressure. If CO
for this increase.
value. If CO
Correction is set to On, this
values tend to be higher than
Correction is set to


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