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Measurement Settings
4 Configuration Settings Appendix
NBP Configuration Implications
Phase A (B/C/D), every These settings are only visible if Mode is set to Sequence and you
select Setup Sequence in the Setup NBP menu. You can then define up to four measurement cycles
which will run consecutively. For each cycle you can set the number of measurements and the interval
between them. If you want to run less than four cycles in a sequence, set the number of measurements for
one or more cycles to Off.
Pulse(NBP) This lets you enable (On) or disable (Off) display of the Pulse numeric derived from the
NBP measurement. If the NBP numeric area on the monitor screen is configured large enough, the
Pulse(NBP) numeric will be displayed next to the NBP label in the NBP segment.
Start Time If you set Start Time to Synchronized, the monitor will time the second
measurement in a series to coincide with the next easy-to-document time. For example, if you start the
first measurement at 08:23, and the Repetition Time is set to 10 minutes, the monitor will
automatically perform the next measurement at 8:30, then 8:40 and so on.
Done Tone Set Done Tone to On if you want to hear a short prompt tone and see a prompt message
at completion of each NBP measurement.
This setting determines the cuff pressure used during a Veni Puncture inflation. The
VP Pressure
cuff deflates automatically after a set time (adult/pediatric: 170 seconds, neonatal: 85 seconds) if it is not
manually deflated beforehand.
The NBP measurement reference method can be Auscultatory or Invasive.
Invasive delivers NBP values that very closely approximate values measured intra-arterially.
Auscultatory delivers NBP values that very closely approximate values measured using the manual
cuff method. The two references can exhibit a difference of 20 to 30 mmHg in patients with elevated
pressures, with the auscultatory reference registering the lower values. Note that when Patient
Category is set to Neo, the setting Reference is not shown. For the Neo patient category, the
Reference used will always be Invasive. For further information, see the Application Note on NBP
supplied on the monitor documentation DVD.
Configuring Invasive Pressure
When an MMS is connected to the monitor for the first time, it uses the default Pressure label ABP. When
a Measurement Extension Module is connected for the first time, the Pressure label used for the combined
Pressure/Temp connector is CVP, the label used for the single Pressure connector is PAP; plug-in Pressure
modules use the label P. If you then change the pressure label in monitoring mode, each device will
remember the new label the next time they are reconnected.
The configuration settings for Invasive Pressure can be set individually for each Pressure label. The
selection of labels depends on the configured Label Set, see "Global Settings" on page 168.


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