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Philips IntelliVue MX800 IntelliVue MP2 Configuration Manual Page 43

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Measurement Settings
Arrhythmia Configuration Implications
Pause This setting lets you adjust the time period between the point where the monitor cannot detect a
QRS complex and the indication of a Pause alarm.
HR Alarms With Arrhythmia switched On, high and low heart rate alarms were traditionally part
of the yellow arrhythmia alarm chain and were therefore signaled as short yellow alarms. The setting HR
Alarms lets you configure high and low heart rate alarms to be treated as normal (long) yellow alarms. Be
aware that when you configure HR Alarms to Yellow, high and low heart rate alarms are not subject
to arrhythmia timeouts and arrhythmia alarm chaining.
Timeout 1st, TimeOut 2nd The timeout period for first level yellow alarms can be configured
for between 0 and 5 minutes. The timeout period for second level yellow alarms can be configured for
between 0 and 15 minutes.
SOME ECG... Inop If users want to be notified whenever the On/Off settings for ECG/Arrhythmia
alarms differ from the current Profile, you must configure Some ECG... Inop to On (short for Some
ECG Alarms Off INOP message). If this message is configured Off, it is important for the clinician to
check the on/off status of the alarms.
Arrhythmia Alarms
PVC alarms that combine runs of PVCs and rate are chained together and the configuration of one effects
the configuration of others.
Run = > 5
HR = > 100
Non Sustain VTach
Run <
HR = > 100
Vent Rhythm
Run = > 14
HR <
Run of PVCs
Run >
5 < 14
HR <
Pair of PVCs
Run = 2
To set the Ventricular tachycardia alarm, you must configure both the Vtach run limit, and
the Vtach heart rate limit. Both criteria must be met to cause an alarm.
Non-sustained ventricular tachycardia cannot be configured. The criteria for this alarm is
based on the Vtach settings. It must be a run less than the Vtach run limit but the heart
rate limit must be the same as Vtach.
Ventricular Rhythm can be configured for the number of PVCs in a run (Ventricular limit)
but the heart rate limit is automatically set to be less than the Vtach heart rate.
A Run of PVCs must be more than two but less than the Ventricular Rhythm
a Pair of PVCs is by definition two PVCs in a run.
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