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Philips IntelliVue MX800 IntelliVue MP2 Configuration Manual Page 303

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Telemetry Device Use Models
• When the X2 or MP5 is disconnected from the host monitor, the host monitor screen switches to the
embedded telemetry device data window automatically once the 1.4 GHz / 2.4 GHz Smart Hopping
telemetry device radio is activated.
• When the X2 or MP5 is disconnected, selected data from the X2 or MP5 is sent via the telemetry device
over the 1.4 GHz / 2.4 GHz Smart Hopping network to the IntelliVue Information Center. Refer to the
IIC Instructions for Use for more detail.
• The X2 or MP5 must not have an equipment label.
• No ECG Out on bedside while the telemetry device is the ECG source.
Configuration: Use Model 5
Required Configuration on X2, MP5
Set Network setting TAAP to (for wired or wireless)
Assign Equipment label
SRR (for wireless) (in Setup Hardware)
SRR Channel (for wireless) (in Setup Hardware)
Required Hardware on MP2, X2, MP5
SRR interface or TAAP connector
IntelliVue Instrument telemetry (IIT) interface
Required Configuration at Information Center for Host Monitor (X2, MP5 are not added as equipment in the
Information Center)
Equipment label requirement
Required Configuration at Information Center for Telemetry
Equipment allowed
Equipment label requirement
Required Hardware for Telemetry
Short Range Radio Adapter - SRRA or TAAP Cable
Troubleshooting FAQ for Use Model 5
When I disconnect the monitor, X2, or telemetry device from the network to go on transfer, I get an INOP
message at the IIC and the monitor that says Central:Tele Only, what can I do?
• This INOP only occurs if the host monitor loses connection with the central station. You can choose to:
– Continue with your transfer recognizing that the only data that is being monitored and collected at
the IIC is the telemetry device.
– Reconnect the monitor to the network and take the X2 or MP5 for your transfer, this way the
telemetry device data and NBP and SpO
viewable in OBO at the monitor
General Troubleshooting FAQ
Some of my sectors have an INOP of !!Check Pairing, what can I do to get rid of this INOP?
7 Telemetry Device and CL Pods Use Models
No, needs to be blank
11-26 (Service Personnel Only)
IIT cannot be used
Monitor label
IntelliVue telemetry only
Telemetry device label - ITS
are still being monitored and collected at the IIC and


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