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Philips IntelliVue MX800 IntelliVue MP2 Configuration Manual Page 289

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Configuring Profiles and Settings
Automat. Default Configure Automat. Default to Yes to reset the active settings of the
CL Pod automatically to the Default Profile if the CL Pod is turned off for at least 60 seconds. If
configured to No, all active settings are kept.
Free in Charger Configure Free in Charger to Off to keep all patient data, all active
settings, and the assignment to the IntelliVue monitor or the telemetry device in case the CL Pod is placed
at the charging station.
Configuring CL Pod User Interface
Main Setup -> User Interface
IntelliVue CL Pod
CL Pod User Interface Configuration Implications
INOP Vol Configure INOP Vol to adjust the INOP tone volume in steps from 0 to the loudest
volume of 10. The lowest volume is limited by the setting INOP Low.
ClickVol Configure Click Vol to adjust the tone volume if a hardkey is selected in steps from 0 to
the loudest volume of 10.
INOP Low Configure INOP Low to configure the lowest INOP tone that is accessible in Monitoring
INOP Vol and INOP Low are also part of the CL Pod INOPs settings. The last settings change you
made takes effect.
Power States
For some of the troubleshooting procedures you may have to switch off or power off the cableless
measurement devices. The following table explains the possible power states:
Main Setup -> Device Off
Main Setup -> Hardware - Power Off
Power State
Device On
Device Off
Power Off
No Power
C M Factory Default Setting
x 5
x 2
Normal use. Display is on and measurements are enabled.
Switch the device off when it is currently not being used. Select Main Setup-> Device
Off to switch the device off. Device can be switched back on by pressing any key.
Power off the device when it is not being used for a longer period of time or it is being
prepared for storage or shipping. In Configuration Mode, select Main Setup ->
Hardware -> Power Off to power off the device. To switch it back on, you must
place the device on a charging station.
The battery level is too low to use the device. You must place the device on a charging
station to switch it back on.
6 IntelliVue Cableless Measurements


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