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Philips IntelliVue MX800 IntelliVue MP2 Configuration Manual Page 288

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6 IntelliVue Cableless Measurements
changed for the NBP CL measurement. This measurement reference method delivers NBP values that
very closely approximate values measured using the manual cuff method.
Done Tone Set Done Tone to On if you want to hear a short prompt tone and see a prompt message
at completion of each NBP measurement.
Start Time If you set Start Time to Synchronized, the CL Pod will time the second
measurement in a series to coincide with the next easy-to-document time. For example, if you start the
first measurement at 08:23, and the Repetition Time is set to 10 minutes, the CL Pod will
automatically perform the next measurement at 8:30, then 8:40 and so on.
Color This setting determines the color of the NBP measurement displayed at the patient monitor's
Configuring INOPs
Main Setup -> INOPs
IntelliVue CL Pod
INOP Volume
INOP Low Volume
CL Pod INOPs Configuration Implications
INOP Vol Configure INOP Vol to adjust the INOP tone volume in steps from 0 to the loudest
volume of 10. The lowest volume is limited by the setting INOP Low.
INOP Low Configure INOP Low to configure the lowest INOP tone that is accessible in Monitoring
INOP Vol and INOP Low are also part of the CL Pod User Interface settings. The last settings
change you made takes effect.
Configuring CL Pod Equipment
Main Setup -> Equipment
IntelliVue CL Pod
Equipment Label
Automat. Default
Free in Charger
CL Pod Equipment Configuration Implications
CL Pod Equipment settings do not have to be stored in a Profile of the CL Pod. They take effect
immediately, similar to a Global Setting of an IntelliVue patient monitor.
Equipment Label The equipment label can be changed with the Support Tool Mark2 only. It is
recommended to change the equipment label to a shorter more clinical friendly name.
The NBP measurement reference method can be Auscultatory only. It cannot be
C M Factory Default Setting
x 5
C M Factory Default Setting
NBP or SpO2 and 8 last digits of serial number
Configuring Profiles and Settings


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