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About The Intellivue Support Tool - Philips IntelliVue MX800 IntelliVue MP2 Configuration Manual

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About the IntelliVue Support Tool

The CL Pod displays Config in the INOP message field and in the center of the Screen while you are in
configuration mode.
Before you leave configuration mode, always be sure to store any changes you made. You must store
changes made to each Profile, individually.
If you are handing over the CL Pod to the end-users directly after configuration, make sure that it is in
Monitoring mode.
To leave configuration mode either:
In the Main Setup menu, select Operating Modes and then select the operating mode you
require or
Switch the CL Pod off with Device off, then switch it on again.
– If you switch the CL Pod off and then on again after less than one minute, it returns in Monitoring
mode with the same settings ("hotstart").
– If you leave the CL Pod switched off for more than one minute, the Profiles and settings loaded when
you switch back on are determined by the Automat. Default setting. See "Configuring CL
Pod Equipment" on page 288.
About the IntelliVue Support Tool
The IntelliVue Support Tool is a PC-based software application that is designed to help configuring
IntelliVue monitors and IntelliVue CL Pods, and to manage IntelliVue monitor and CL Pod
Using the Support Tool, you can, for example, read in (clone) a configuration from an IntelliVue monitor
to a PC, modify this configuration offline on the PC, and then store (clone) the changed version back to
the monitor. With the Support Tool you can clone configurations to more than one monitor at a time.
You can also use the Support Tool to make backups of your configurations, or generate configuration
reports. The configuration files generated by the Support Tool are stored in a format that can be e-mailed.
The IntelliVue CL Measurements require the use of the separate IntelliVue Support Tool Mark2. The
Instructions for Use of the Support Tool Mark2 is covered in a separate chapter at the end of the Support
Tool Instructions for use.
What Can I Configure with the Support Tool Mark2?
For the time being, you can configure the equipment label of the CL Pods only.
For a complete description of the Support Tool functionality, refer to the Support Tool Instructions for
Use, provided with the Support Tool.
6 IntelliVue Cableless Measurements
Configuration Mode
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