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Configuring Special Screen Settings - Philips IntelliVue MX800 IntelliVue MP2 Configuration Manual

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3 Configuring Screens
To delete a SmartKey from the list of configured SmartKeys,
select it in the list, then select the pop-up key Delete.
To move a SmartKey to a different position,
Use the Sort Up and Sort Down pop-up keys. The number of SmartKeys visible at a time
depends on the monitor's display resolution:
SVGA ........... 6
XGA ............. 7
SXGA ........... 9
WXGA.......... 9
WXGA+...... 10
WSXGA...... 11
WSXGA+...... 9
Configuring a Global List of SmartKeys for All Screens
The global list of SmartKeys is stored as a unique monitor setting in the monitor configuration. See the
section "Configuring User Interface Settings - Keys" on page 162 for details on how to configure the
global SmartKey list.
Individual SmartKey configurations for each Screen override the global SmartKey configuration. The
global SmartKey list will therefore only be visible when you load a Screen that has no SmartKeys
configured to it.
If you want to use the global SmartKeys for all Screens on a monitor, you must delete all individual
SmartKeys from all Screens in the configuration.

Configuring Special Screen Settings

Configuring the Wave Channel Speed
To change this setting, select the measurement wave on the Screen to open the related Wave menu.
Change Speed This setting determines the wave speed of the related wave channel.
If set to Global, the speed of the wave channel follows the monitor setting Global Speed (or
RespiratorySpeed, or EEG Speed) as described under "Configuring User Interface Settings" on
page 126.
If set to any of the fixed speeds (6.25, 12.5, 25, 50 mm/sec), the speed of that wave channel follows
its own distinct setting and is not affected by any changes of the Global Speed. The wave channel
speed is independent of the wave (label) depicted in the channel. If you change the wave, the new wave
will retain the set channel speed.
Configuring Screen Trends
To change the following settings, select the screen trend on the Screen to open the related Trend menu.
Change TrendTime This setting determines in a screen trend. If set to Global, the trend time in
the screen trend channel follows the monitor setting Screen Trend Time as described under
"Configuring Screen Trend Settings" on page 104. If set to any of the fixed times (30min, 1h, 2h, 4h,
8h, 12h), the screen trend time follows its own distinct time setting and is not affected by any changes of
the global Screen Trend Time.
Configuring Special Screen Settings


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