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Monitor Database Configuration
Aperiodic Trend Database
The IntelliVue patient monitor provides a second trend database exclusively reserved for aperiodic
parameters. Aperiodic parameters are parameters that are measured intermittently, such as NBP, C.O.,
C.I., PAWP (Wedge), manually entered measurements, or lab results from external devices obtained from
the VueLink or IntelliBridge plug-in module.
The aperiodic database can store a maximum of 600 individual measurements, and in addition up to 200
NBP measurements.
Note that the information stored in the aperiodic database does not contribute to the maximum number
of parameters as defined by the monitor's database option (Standard or #C03). This means that aperiodic
parameters do not count towards the max. number of trended parameters allowed and therefore do not
have to be considered when configuring the Trend Priorities, see "Configuring Trend Priorities" on page
Trend Transport Database
The trend transport database is used for the trend data transport between two monitors. It allows to
transport up to 50 periodic numerics of continues parameters (50P 8h@1min) and all aperiodic values
independent of the trend database configuration. You are not able to change this setting, hence in
Configuration mode, this setting is shown grayed-out.
Event Surveillance Database
This table illustrates the default event database configurations available with different event options:
Database capability
Print Database
Default Print Database Configurations
Database capability
1.For MP60-90 with less than 8MB data flash memory (hardware revision lower than B.00.18) this setting is to set NONE.
Report types differ considerably in their storage space requirements. ECG Reports, for example, are large
reports and require much space, whereas VitalsReports are much smaller. Therefore, it cannot be clearly
specified how many reports can be stored in the print database.
With Print Database set to Small, it can, for example, store about five 3x4 ECG Reports, but only
one 12x1 ECG Report.
Option C06, Basic
Option C07, Advanced Event
Event Surveillance
25 events for 24 hours
25 events for 24 hours
25 events for 8 hours
50 events for 8 hours
50 events for 24 hours
MP20 - MP90
4 Configuration Settings Appendix
Option C04, Neonatal Event
Review (NER)
25 events for 24 hours
25 events for 8 hours
50 events for 8 hours
50 events for 24 hours


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