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Philips IntelliVue MX800 IntelliVue MP2 Configuration Manual Page 173

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Global Settings
This setting determines whether pausing alarms or switching alarms off has to be confirmed by the user
before it becomes effective. If ConfirmAlarmsOff is configured to Yes, a pop-up key line will appear
asking to confirm that alarms should be paused (or switched off).
Power Loss Sound (MP5 only) Lets you defines whether the power loss sound in the MP5 is
Enabled or Disabled. If Enabled, a sound will be generated whenever the main power is lost or
the power cord is disconnected while the monitor is running.
Label Set The Full label set provides extra labels for Pressure and Temp.
• The Restricted label set offers the following labels:
– Pressure: P, ABP, ART, Ao, PAP, CVP, RAP, LAP, ICP, UAP, UVP
– Temp: Temp, Trect, Tcore, Tskin, Tesoph, Tnaso, Tart, Tven
• The Full label set offers the following additional labels:
– Pressure: FAP, BAP, IC1, IC2, P1, P2, P3, P4
– Temp: Tvesic, Ttymp, Tcereb, Tamb, T1, T2, T3, T4
Note: If you connect an MMS or FMS from a monitor using the Full label set to an IntelliVue monitor
using a Restricted label set or an M3/M4 monitor, any additional labels switch to labels available in
the target monitor. This may cause a label conflict with other monitored measurements. If you connect a
monitor using the Full label set to an Information Center with certain software revisions, this may affect
the availability of measurement information from the additional labels on the Information Center. See the
Information Center documentation for information on label set compatibility.
LAN Data Export If the network (LAN) interface is not used for a connection to an Information
Center, it can be used for MIB data export. If the monitor is connected to an Information Center, the
MIB data export is automatically disabled for the LAN interface (the serial interface can still be used).
The setting LAN Data Export lets you configure how much of the MIB data export information is
sent via the LAN interface:
• All: full functionality, all available MIB data export information is sent.
• Anonymous: restricted functionality, no patient demographics information is included.
• Off: MIB data export is disabled for the LAN interface.
TAAP This setting is only available in monitors that have either a telemetry device (TAAP) connector or a
short range radio interface installed. It determines whether the monitor supports connecting a telemetry
device directly with a cable (TAAP connection), or assigning a telemetry device to the monitor via a direct
short range radio link (wireless TAAP connection).
Set TAAP to Enabled if you want the monitor to support a TAAP or WTAAP connection.
Set TAAP to Disabled, if you want to disable the monitors's capability to support a TAAP/WTAAP
connection. TAAP must be configured to Disabled, if you want to use the monitor as a companion to
a host monitor (MX800, MP20-90).
For more detailed information on configuring the IntelliVue monitor for use in a telemetry environment,
refer to the section "Configuring Auto Discharge Settings" on page 174.
4 Configuration Settings Appendix


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