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Philips IntelliVue MX800 IntelliVue MP2 Configuration Manual Page 172

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4 Configuration Settings Appendix
– If Automat. Default is set to No, and the monitor is switched off for more than one minute,
the active settings from the most recent session are retained. Automatic Default does not affect the
monitor behavior when you discharge a patient. After discharge, the default Profile is always restored.
If the monitor is switched off and then on again in less than one minute, all active settings are retained,
irrespective of the Automat. Default setting.
TransportProfile (MP5, X2 only) This setting is only available on monitors that can be connected
to a host monitor and work in companion mode. It defines which settings become active in the monitor
when the monitor is disconnected from the host monitor, for example to be used in a transport
– If set to As Is, the active settings from the host monitor are used, no user interaction is required.
– If set to Def. Profile, settings are reset to the default profile defined in the monitor. The user
needs to confirm this action.
– If set to Ask User, the monitor will prompt the user to select a profile from the list of configured
Remote Controls Some functions of the IntelliVue bedside monitor, such as silencing alarms,
Starting/Stopping NBP measurements, arrhythmia settings, and HR alarm limits can be remotely
controlled from an Information Center. For a complete list of functions that can be remotely controlled,
please refer to your Information Center Instructions for Use. Set Remote Controls to Disabled if
you do not want to allow users to control these functions from the Information Center.
For remote controls to work, they must be Enabled at the monitor and at the Information Center. If
you disable them at the bedside monitor, the user at the Information Center may not be notified of this
change. The controls at the Information Center may appear to work, but they will not change anything at
the monitor.
Silence Key This setting is applicable for the MX800, MP60/MP70/MP90 only. It lets you change
the symbol shown on the Silence SmartKey. The Silence hardkey on early versions of the IntelliVue
patient monitor and on the Remote SpeedPoint is labelled with a loudspeaker. If your equipment is
labelled with the loudspeaker, you might want to set this to "Loudspeaker".
Arrhy Text This setting defines whether short arrhythmia alarm messages are displayed as one star (*)
or two star (**) alarms. If you are using an IntelliVue Information Center you might want to set this to one
star (*) for consistency.
Sensor Disconnct The default of this setting is No Auto Off.
If you set Sensor Disconnct to Auto Off, and you Confirm the settings change, parameters are
switched off automatically during main alarms off state or individual alarms off state when you disconnect
the transducer. In Companion Mode, your host monitor's setting determines the Sensor Disconnct
setting for the companion.
If this setting is configured to No Auto Off "no sensor" INOPs are shown even when alarms are Off or
Paused. In some cases no unplugged INOPs are generated at all:
• Parameters without physiological alarms (e.g. Delta Temp, EEG)
• in Standby Mode.
If this setting is configured to Auto Off no unplugged INOPs are generated when main alarms are Off
or Paused (or yellow off/yellow paused).
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