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Philips IntelliVue MX800 IntelliVue MP2 Configuration Manual Page 161

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Unique Monitor Settings
The IntelliVue MX800, MP60/70/80/90 can run a maximum of four timers at the same time (MP40/50:
three timers, MP5 and 20/30: two timers). The selection and priority of the timers can be configured in
the Timers window. For details, see "Configuring Timer Selection and Order" on page 179.
Run Time The run time can be set between 1 minute and 96 hours. No Limit timers have no run
time. This setting can also be changed in monitoring mode.
Type This setting defines the timer type. It can also be changed in monitoring mode. The following
timer types are available:
• A Basic timer has a single, defined run time. The progress is shown in the progress bar.
• An Enhanced timer is like a Basic timer, but the progress bar shows progress beyond the end of the
run time.
• A Cyclic timer is like a Basic timer but restarts automatically when the run time is expired.
• A No Limit timer has no run time or progress bar and shows the time elapsed since the timer was
Direction Timers can count up or down, showing elapsed time or remaining time. No Limit timers
automatically count up. This setting can be also changed in monitoring mode.
Notification When any timer expires (except a No Limit timer), its color changes to red and a
message appears in the monitor status line on the Main Screen. The setting Notification lets you
configure an alarm or a single tone as additional means of notification:
• Select Alarm to receive an INOP alarm when the timer expires.
• Select Sound to hear a single tone when the timer expires.
• Select No Sound for no additional notification.
Auto Window This setting lets you configure whether a window automatically pops up when the timer
expires. Choice are Yes or No.
Color lets you configure the color for a timer. This setting only has an effect on timers that are displayed
on the Main Screen (i.e. timers that are embedded on a Screen). The timers displayed in the Timers
window are always shown in gray color.
Timer Volume This setting is stored as a normal Monitor setting, see "Configuring User Interface
Settings" on page 126.
Configuring Timer Selection and Order
The selection and order of timers as they appear in the Timers menu are stored as Global settings, see
"Configuring Timer Selection and Order" on page 179.
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