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Philips IntelliVue MX800 IntelliVue MP2 Configuration Manual Page 157

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Unique Monitor Settings
Recorder choose which recorder the recording will print to. Choices are Local, Central 2-Ch.,
Central 4-Ch.
If you configure a Local recorder, and no local recorder is available, the monitor will automatically send
the recording to a central recorder, if available.
For alarm recordings the additional choice Printer is available. If you select Printer, all other
settings disappear and the alarm recording will be printed as a realtime report, following the settings
configured for Realtime Reports, see "Configuring Reports" on page 116. You can use this choice if you
need to generate Alarm Recordings on monitors that have no local recorder, such as the MP2 or X2,
especially in circumstances when the monitor has no connection to a central recorder, for example during
Channel 1 - 4 defines which waveform to record in each channel. Channel 4 will only be
available when the Central 4-Ch recorder has been selected. If the wave assigned to a recording
channel in a particular template is not available when a recording is triggered, the channel is left blank on
the recording strip. The pop-up list of available (currently monitored) waves differs according to the
recording type:
– Realtime, delayed and alarm recordings: the list shows all the currently available waves.
– High-resolution recordings: the list shows all the available high-resolution waves
In addition to the currently available waves, you can choose from several other settings which make an
automatic allocation when the recording starts:
– Alarm Par will always record the measurement in alarm in the chosen recorder channel
– Primary Lead will always record the current primary lead in the chosen recorder channel
– Secondary Lead will always record the current secondary lead in the chosen recorder channel
– Agent will always record the currently selected anesthetic agent.
For high-resolution recordings only the Agent setting is available.
Overlap defines whether the recorded waveforms will be printed overlapping or beside each other.
Speed lets you define the recording print speed.
Delay Time Some recordings start documenting on the recorder strip from a pre-set time before the
recording is started. This interval is called the "Delay Time" and can be set to 10 or 15 seconds for
Delayed and Alarm recordings and to 1 - 6 minutes for HiResTrnd recordings.
Runtime defines how long this type of recording is configured to run. Continuous recordings run
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