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Philips IntelliVue MX800 IntelliVue MP2 Configuration Manual Page 151

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Unique Monitor Settings
• User-defined limit violations: allow you to define event triggers that are independent of alarm limits.
You must set a threshold value and a threshold time for the trigger. If you set the trigger threshold time
to 10 seconds, the monitor triggers an event if the threshold is violated for more than 10 seconds.
Example: "HR higher than 120 bpm for 10sec (and longer)"
• User-defined value deviations: If you set user-defined deviation triggers, you can define event triggers
that are independent of specific limits and based instead on deviations from the current values. You
must set a deviation and a period of time in which the deviation occurs. There are three types of
deviation available: ANY deviation, UP deviation where only changes in a positive direction are detected
and DOWN deviation where only changes in a negative direction are detected. The deviation can be
defined either in relative terms as a percentage, for example 10%, or as an absolute value, such as 10
bpm. Examples:
– etCO
– RESP: ANY Deviation of 8 rpm within 5 minutes.
• On-measurement triggers: this means that an event is triggered when an aperiodic measurement (such
as NBP) or a procedure (such as Cardiac Output) is finished.
Trigger Condition If more than one trigger is available for the measurements in the event group,
the trigger condition may be At Least One Param., At Least Two Param., At Least
Three Par. or All Four Parameter.
• If the trigger is At Least One Param., the monitor starts an event capture if a trigger occurs in
any of this event group's measurements.
• If the trigger is At Least Three Par., the monitor captures events when three or more trigger
thresholds from this event group's measurements are violated.
• With Enhanced Condition you cannot only select a minimum number of triggers to trigger an
event, but define which specific measurement triggers these must be. For example, At Least Two
Param. will cause an event to be captured if a trigger occurs in any two of this event group's
measurements - with Enhanced Condition you can select for example that only when triggers are in HR
and SpO
Configuring Event Annotations
Unique Monitor Setting: Main Setup -> Event Surveill. -> Setup Events
-> Event Annotation
Factory Defaults
Item Name
Annotations (Text / Group)
Annotation 1
Annotation 2
Annotation 3
Annotation 4
Annotation 5
: UP Deviation of 300% within 5 minutes.
an event will be captured.
MP5 - MP90
No Intervention
Mild Stimulation
Moderate Stimulation
Vigorous Stimulation
4 Configuration Settings Appendix
All Groups
All Groups
All Groups
All Groups


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