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Philips IntelliVue MX800 IntelliVue MP2 Configuration Manual Page 149

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Unique Monitor Settings
Param. 1: Trigger Type
Param. 2: Trigger Type
Param. 3: Trigger Type
Param. 4: Trigger Type
1.As a factory default, group 6 is activated in monitors with option H20. In monitors with option H10, H30, or H40, group 6
is deactivated.
Event Settings Configuration Implications
Events are electronic records of episodes in the patients' condition. They can be used to drive alert
notification to assist compliance to any protocol that is being used by the clinician.
Group Name This setting lets you change the name of each event group, except of the Neonatal Event
Review (NER) group, which has fixed settings.
Group Type This setting lets you change the type of event group from Standard to NER and vice
versa. Selecting NER as Group Type for an event group, automatically changes all settings for this group
to the predefined NER group settings. Only one event group can be assigned as the NER group. If there is
already an NER event group, changing the Group Type for another group to NER, changes the Group
Type of the exisiting NER group to Standard.
Activated This setting defines whether an event group is currently active, that is it detects events
according to its configuration. If the status is Deactivated event surveillance is effectively switched off.
With Advanced Event Surveillance (AES, Option #C07) up to six event groups may be active at any given
time. With Basic Event Surveillance (BES, Option #C06) or with Neonatal Event Review (NER, Option
#C04) only one event group is available.
Notification Type This setting is available in Advanced Event Surveillance only. It defines the
type of notification that is issued when an event is detected. For each event group, the appropriate
notification can be selected depending on the severity of condition.
• Set Notification Type to None to receive no notification at all. Any captured event will still be
stored and can be reviewed in the Event Episode or Event Review window.
• Set it to Screen Prompt to get a status message with a prompt tone.
• Set it to * Alarm, ** Alarm, or *** Alarm to receive an alarm notification that will be
independent from the alarm settings for each measurement. To prevent dual alarming, these options are
only available if Trigger Condition is set to At Least Two Param. or higher. These event
alarms are handled exactly like measurement alarms; they can be silenced and are also suspended when
all alarms are suspended. You should only use alarm notification for events which are comparable in
severity to standard measurement alarms to avoid potential confusion due to too many alarms.
• ** Alarm (PopUp), *** Alarm (PopUp): if you select ** Alarm (PopUp)or
*** Alarm (PopUp), the Event Episode window will automatically open on the Main Screen in
addition to the normal alarm notifications when an event is detected.
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x SpO
x Resp
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