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Philips IntelliVue MX800 IntelliVue MP2 Configuration Manual Page 134

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4 Configuration Settings Appendix
• Set it to My Central if you need to assign more than 12 beds, but not more than 16 beds to a care
group. This care group model is typically used in facilities with only one IntelliVue Information Center
(IIC). "My Central" care groups include all beds (up to 16) from a directly connected IIC, but cannot
combine beds from different IICs. The selection of beds in a "My Central" care group is static and
cannot be configured.
Be aware that in order to be included in the My Central care group, beds need to be assigned to a care
group at the Information Center. Also, at the IIC, configure "Overview Auto-Alarm" and "Overview
Prompt-Tone" for all Care Groups to the same settings. This ensures that all beds in the "My Central"
Care Group exhibit the same alarm behavior.
Central Monitorng If CentralMonitorng is set to Mandatory, and the monitor was not
connected to an Information Center when switched on, or loses its connection to the Central during
monitoring, it will generate the INOP message "No Central Monit.", accompanied by an INOP tone.
If CentralMonitorng is set to Optional, the monitor generates the same INOP, but only when
the monitor loses the connection during monitoring. The INOP will not be generated if the monitor is
not connected to an Information Center when it is switched on. This setting is intended for standalone
Tele Screen Set Tele Screen to On Pair if you want the monitor to automatically switch to
a Screen with a Telemetry Data Overview screen element embedded when the user "pairs" the monitor
with a telemetry device. If there is more than one of these special Screens available, the monitor uses the
first Screen in the Screen list. If Tele Screen is set to On ECG, the change to the Tele Screen happens
if the monitor is paired with the tele transmitter and a valid ECG signal from the Tele transmitter is
available. Set Tele Screen to Off, to switch off the automatism completely.
The availability of this function depends on the Information Center revision the monitor is connected to.
See your Information Center Instructions for Use for further details.
Return To This setting determines which Screen the monitor loads when it is unpaired from the
telemetry device or when, while paired, the ECG is sourced from the bedside.
• Previous loads the Screen that was active before the Telemetry Screen was loaded.
• Default loads the Screen defined for the default profile.
• Off does not automatically switch the Screen.
OtherBed Colors This determines whether the measurement information from another bed is
shown in the colors assigned at the Information Center or in monochrome (green on black).
The availability of this function depends on the Information Center revision the monitor is connected to.
See your Information Center Instructions for Use for further details.
Caregroup Tone A new alarm that occurs in any of the beds assigned to the monitor's care group can
be announced with a tone. The Caregroup Tone setting lets you toggle between a Standard and
Enhanced tone. The Enhanced tone is a more prominent tone to draw attention to the screen.
The Caregroup Tone will only be generated if an alarm exceeds the Auto Alarm Severity level
configured at the Information Center. The volume of the Caregroup Tone is determined by the
CaregroupToneVol setting (see below). Note that the Caregroup Tone can be completely
disabled at the Information Center.
CaregroupToneVol This setting defines the volume of the caregroup tone. It can be set in a range
between 0 and 10. If you set CaregroupToneVol to 0, this is indicated by a crossed speaker symbol in
any embedded Other Bed window. For more information on care groups and Other Bed windows, see the
Monitor and Information Center Instructions for Use.
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