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Philips IntelliVue MX800 IntelliVue MP2 Configuration Manual Page 133

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Monitor Settings
Network Configuration Implications
Auto Win Disable This setting can be used to control the behavior of the Auto Window
Enable/Disable setting.
The following choices are configurable:
• Allowed, to make the user selection of Auto Window: Disable possible and to disable the
auto window pop-ups until the user enables it again.
• 5 min, to make the user selection of Auto Window: Disable possible and to disable the auto
window pop-ups for a period of 5 minutes.
• Not Allowed, to make the user selection of Auto Window: Disable impossible and to
disable Auto Window permanently.
Auto Window Type If you want to prevent automatic notification of alarm conditions at the other
beds in the Care Group, configure Auto Window Type to Off. If you want notification at the
monitor of alarm conditions at other beds in the Care Group, configure either:
• Care Group, to make the My Care Group window pop up.
• Alarming Beds, to make the Alarming Beds window pop up, that shows all beds in the associated
care group that currently have unsilenced alarms.
• Pat.Window, to make the Other Patient Window for the alarming bedside pop up.
Note that if the Information Center is configured to unit-based care groups and Auto Window Type
is configured to Pat.Window, the monitor may automatically fall back to Alarming Beds.
Auto Window can be temporarily disabled in monitoring mode. To do this, select the network symbol on
the monitor's information line, then select Auto Window and toggle to Disabled. Remember to re-
enable the Auto Window as soon as possible.
Auto Window Disp This setting applies only to monitors with multiple main displays. It defines on
which of the connected displays the automatic pop-up window configured under Auto Window Type
is shown. If the configured display is not available, the monitor automatically uses Display 1.
CareGroup Status If you are asked to hide the Care Group Overview Bar on all Screens, set the
CareGroup Status to Off.
Caregroup This setting lets you change the way care groups are defined.
• Set this to Standard if you want the beds in your care group to be defined by the care group setup at
the IntelliVue Information Center. Depending on your revision of the Information Center, the
following care group models are supported:
– Bed-Based CareGroups: lets you assign a maximum number of 12 patients from a clinical unit to a
care group.
– Unit-Based CareGroup (IIC Rev. G and higher): assigns all beds on all Information Centers assigned
to a clinical unit to one large care group (up to 64 patients monitored by up to 4 Information
For more detail, please refer to the IntelliVue Information Center Instructions for Use.
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