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General Specifications - Siemens PAD-3 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

Distributed power module nac expander
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Operating specifications for the PAD-3 are as follows:
Operating temperature
32 - 120°F (0 - 49°C)
Relative humidity
Up to 93%RH @ 90°F (32°C) non-condensing
Installation Environment
Indoor, dry
Primary Supply
Primary Input Voltage: 120 VAC (50/60 Hz) nominal
Maximum primary input current: 2.5A
Secondary and Trouble Power Supply
24 volt lead-acid battery set
Maximum Charge Voltage: 27.8 VDC
Maximum Charge Current: 3.3A
Maximum Input Current: 6.1A
Battery capacity: 7 to 15 A.H. (See Section 6.2, Battery Size Calculation, when using
batteries over 7 A.H.)
Input Circuits
Two Input circuits
Connected to power limited source
Voltage Range: 16-33 VDC/VFW
Maximum Input Current: 7.0mA
Notification Appliance Circuits
Operating Voltage Range: Special Application 16-32 VDC
Refer to Siemens Compatible Notification Appliances (P/N 315-096363) for maximum
number per NAC
Synchronized appliances permitted
Maximum Alarm Current: 3.0A per circuit (6.0A total for NACs and auxiliary power)
Four Class B, Style Y circuits or two Class A, Style Z circuits
Power limited
Maximum Standby Current: 1.0mA
Maximum Ripple: 100mVAC
Maximum Line Resistance: 0.9 ohms @ 3.0 amps, 1.08 ohms @ 2.5 amps, 1.35 ohms @ 2.0
amps, or 1.8 ohms @ 1.5 amps
Ground fault impedance: 2K ohms (+), 8K ohms (-)

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Table of Contents

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