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Pioneer DDJ-400 Operating Instructions Manual page 22

Dj controller
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Operation of rekordbox dj becomes unstable.
The fader start function does not work.
Only one track deck is displayed on the
The platter is not displayed on the track deck.
The sound from the headphones is low.
Are you using the latest version of the application?
Are you using softwares other than rekordbox at the
same time?
When other USB devices are connected to the PC/
Are you using a USB hub?
There is a problem with the USB A port to which this
unit is connected.
Is this unit connected to a laptop running on its
The USB buffer size is too small.
Is a cue set?
Is the fader start function properly set?
Is rekordbox set to the [EXPORT] mode?
Has rekordbox dj been activated?
Is the supply enough from the USB terminal on your
PC/Mac connected to this unit?
If you have installed rekordbox Ver.5.x already, update it to the latest
version from the Update Manager displayed when starting rekordbox.
If you are installing rekordbox for the first time or are upgrading from
rekordbox Ver.4.x or earlier, access "", and download
the latest version.
Quit other applications to decrease the load on the PC/Mac.
If operation continues to be unstable, try disabling the wireless
network or other wireless connections, antivirus software, the screen
saver, the low power mode, etc.
Disconnect other USB devices from the PC/Mac.
When another USB audio device is connected to the PC/Mac at the
same time, it may not operate or be recognized normally.
USB hubs cannot be used. Connect the PC/Mac and this unit directly
using the included USB cable.
If your PC/Mac has multiple USB A ports, try connecting this unit to a
different USB A port.
Supply power to the laptop from an AC power supply.
(Depending on the laptop's settings, the low power mode may be set
when the PC/Mac is running on its battery, automatically reducing the
performance of the PC/Mac itself.)
Set the buffer size of rekordbox dj properly.
Set the cue.
To utilize the fader start function setting, select the [Mixer] tab of
rekordbox dj's [Preferences] > [Controller] and then check the check
box of [Fader Start].
Click the area indicated by [EXPORT] at the upper left of the screen,
and then select [PERFORMANCE].
Refer to "rekordbox Introduction", and then activate rekordbox dj.
This unit restricts the sound volume from the headphones when the
supply from the USB terminal is not enough.
If other devices which are not used for DJ play are connected to your
PC/Mac, disconnect them.

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