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Changing The Settings On Rekordbox - Pioneer DDJ-400 Operating Instructions Manual

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Changing the settings on rekordbox

On rekordbox, you can change the setting you want for DJ play.
Change the setting items under [Controller] of [Preferences].
When connecting the unit to rekordbox, following settings can be
[Controller] > [Deck] tab
[Back Spin Length] setting
When operating the back spin on the jog wheel, the back spin is made in
longer than the actual jog rotation.
The length of the back spin can be set from three options such as long,
short or normal.
[Long]: Back spin length long
[Short]: Back spin length short
[Normal]: Back spin length normal
[Controller] > [Mixer] tab
[Fader Start] setting
Change the setting of the fader start function.
Check [Activate the fader start when moving a channel fader or the
cross fader while pressing the SHIFT button.] to activate the setting.
[Cross Fader] – [Reverse] setting
Set the left or right for the Cross Fader.
[On]: From crossfader, the left side is [DECK2] and the right side is
[Off]: From crossfader, the left side is [DECK1] and the right side is
[Cross Fader] – [Cut Lag] setting
Adjust the cut lag on both edges of crossfader.
Unit of 0.1 mm can be adjusted from 0.3 mm to 5.5 mm.
! By default, 1.0 mm is set.
! The setting number for the cut lag is a guide value, and may not be
[Level Meter] setting
Set the channel level meter or master level meter to display on the level
meter on the mixer section.
! By default, [Channel Level] is set.
[Channel Level]: Channel level is displayed.
[Master Level]: Master level is displayed.

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