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Carpet Cleaner
Karcher Puzzi 100
Before using this equipment and to avoid personal injury, carefully
read and understand these instructions. If there is anything you do
not understand, DO NOT use this equipment, contact the hire
company for advice.
Make sure you are aware of all safety requirements and that this
equipment is suitable for the task you wish to undertake.
The work area must be cordoned off from the general public and
This equipment must not be operated by persons who are under the
influence of alcohol or drugs. Do not use this equipment if you are
tired or unwell.
You MUST perform a risk assessment before using this equipment
to ensure your safety and the safety of others.
This equipment must only be used by persons who are
medically fit to do so. If you have any medical condition,
are recovering from any medical condition or suffer from
any mental or physical disability, you MUST seek
professional medical advice before using this equipment.
Wear the correct Personal Protective Equipment for the task ahead.
Do not wear loose jewellery or clothing that may get in the way or
become trapped in the equipment. Tie back long hair.
Only use cleaning fluids supplied by the hire company, any other
make may damage your carpet and/or the machine. Always store
cleaning fluids in a safe place, out of reach from children.
The cleaning fluid and water mix is sprayed at a high pressure.
Never point the spray at anyone including yourself. DO NOT spray
fluid ion to anything electrical.
Inform everyone in the work area of what you are doing.
Always transport, store and operate the machine in an upright position.
DO NOT use this Carpet Cleaner for removing asbestos or similarly
hazardous material. This machine should also NOT be used for
cleaning areas soiled by human waste.
This Carpet Cleaner is designed for wet cleaning only, NEVER use
the Carpet Cleaner as a vacuum cleaner or to pick up hot objects.
GET FAMILIAR! You must understand how to switch this machine
OFF quickly in case of an emergency.
Ensure adequate ventilation when using this equipment.
Do not move the unit by its power supply cable or suction hose.
Always switch OFF the Carpet Cleaner and isolate it from the power
supply before cleaning, making adjustments or when left
Carefully inspect the equipment before use, if there is any doubt
about its condition, DON'T USE IT.


230V Model...
If you have hired a 230V model fitted with a 13A plug, it can be
powered from a standard 230V 13A power supply.
If you have hired a 230V model fitted with a 16A plug, it can be powered
from a 230V 16A mains powered socket or from a suitable generator.
Note that the maximum overall length of cable you can use with this
machine is 30M and any extension used must be at least 2.5mm 3 core.
0929/01c Carpet Cleaner – Karcher Puzzi 100
If the equipment fails, or if any part becomes damaged, return it. DO
NOT repair it yourself.
Fully unwind and loosely coil all power supply cables and extension
leads. Position them away from the equipment where they will be
protected from water, sharp objects and where they will not pose a
trip hazard.
For additional safety, always use an RCD or power the
equipment from a mains circuit with a built in RCD.
Switch the equipment and power supply OFF before plugging into
the supply.
Please read this section thoroughly BEFORE using the cleaner as
the hire company cannot accept responsibility for any damage
caused to your carpet or upholstery.
The Carpet Cleaner works by spraying a mixture of water and
cleaning fluid under pressure into the carpet. The fluid with
loosened dirt is then extracted by the vacuum.
Because this is a 'wet' system, it is extremely important that you
take the necessary steps to ensure that the carpet (or upholstery)
is suitable for this cleaning system.
Colour fastness should be checked by making a test on an area of
the carpet where any ill findings won't be visible. You can choose a
patch which is normally under a piece of furniture or test an off cut
left by the carpet fitter, if available.
Consideration must also be given to the fact that the carpet may
shrink once it has dried. Hessian backed carpet is the most
common victim of shrinkage especially if it has been made
excessively wet.
Check that the carpet is securely fixed to any gripper rod and that
seams 9where carpet pieces meet) are firmly stitched or taped.
Once the carpet has been cleaned DON'T walk on it unless in bare
feet as shoes and slippers can leave permanent marks.
Clear the room of all furniture and curtains. Where some furniture
remains, it will have to be moved from one side of the room to the
other. Have a supply of thick plastic bagging available to place
between the carpet and the furniture's legs, this will prevent rust
stains occurring.
Tape plastic sheeting over all power sockets, aerial sockets and
phone sockets, to prevent water entering them. Where possible,
plug the Carpet Cleaner into a power supply socket which is in
another room.
Once cleared, vacuum the room from left to right then front to back.
If you don't vacuum thoroughly, the Carpet Cleaner won't do the job
Wheel the Carpet Cleaner into the room and loosen the power
supply cable.
Fit the wand sections, handle and spray head together, ensuring the
fluid chanels align with each other. Note that each part simply
pushes together.
Issued by Frank Key Hire under licence from Hire Guide
Solutions 01983 402067. © The Author: Marc Bashford 2016
All rights reserved. No part of this document (text, artwork or
layout design) may be copied in any format.


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    Issued by Frank Key Hire under licence from Hire Guide Solutions 01983 402067. © The Author: Marc Bashford 2016 0929/01c Carpet Cleaner – Karcher Puzzi 100 All rights reserved. No part of this document (text, artwork or layout design) may be copied in any format.
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