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Huawei D602 Manual To The Installation page 2

External antenna for the data modem e368


Removing the D602
After using the D602, remove it from the data modem and then keep it properly.
The figures provided in this document are for your reference only. The appearances
of the external antenna and the E368 may differ from those shown in these figures.
The D602 is for indoor use only. Do not use your E368 during thunderstorms
to prevent any danger caused by lightning.
Use only the external antenna D602 specified in the user manual.
The data modem and its external antenna must not be located with any other
transmitter or antenna within a host device.
The external antenna should be mounted in place. Provide at least 1 cm
separation distance between the external antenna and the user's body.
Version: V100R001_01
Part Number: 3101****