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Brother 884-B30 Operation Manuals page 28

Cover stitch machine / top cover stitch machine
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5. Slowly pull the fabric in the direction of the
arrow so that the ends of the needle threads
are pulled to the back of fabric.
6. Cut the top cover thread and looper thread to
lengths that can be tied.
We recommend using scissors to cut the looper
thread. Scissors can also be used to cut the
machine threads.
You can sew all the way to the edge of a fabric
and also sew off the edge of the fabric to create
a chain of thread. Cut thread after any length of
chain has been stitched.
7. Use a pointed object, such as a needle, to push
in the top cover thread from the surface of the
fabric, and then pull the thread at the back of
the fabric.
8. Pull all threads at the back of the fabric.
Tie all threads together and cut.



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