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Important Safety Instructions - Brother 884-B30 Operation Manuals

Cover stitch machine / top cover stitch machine
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When using the sewing machine, basic safety precautions should always be followed, including the following.
Read all instructions before using this machine.
To reduce the risk of electric shock.
The sewing machine should never be left unattended
when plugged in. Always unplug this sewing machine
from the electrical outlet immediately after using and
before cleaning.
To reduce the risk of burns, fire, electric shock,
or injury to persons.
1. Do not allow to be used as a toy. Close attention is
necessary when the sewing machine is used by or near
2. Use this sewing machine only for its intended use
as described in this manual. Use only accessories
recommended by the manufacturer as contained in this
3. Never operate this sewing machine if it has a damaged
cord or plug, if it is not working properly, if it has been
dropped or damaged, or dropped into water. Return
the sewing machine to the nearest authorized dealer
or service center for examination, repair, electrical or
mechanical adjustment.
4. Never operate the sewing machine with any air openings
blocked. Keep ventilation openings of the sewing
machine and foot controller free from the accumulation
of lint, dust, and loose cloth.
5. Never drop or insert any object into any openings.
6. Do not use outdoors.
7. Do not operate where aerosol (spray) products are being
used or where oxygen is being administered.
8. To disconnect, turn the main switch to the symbol "O"
position which represents off, then remove plug from
9. Do not unplug by pulling on cord. To unplug, grasp the
plug, not the cord.
10. Keep fingers away from all moving parts. Special care is
required around the sewing machine needle.
11. Always use the proper needle plate. The wrong plate can
cause the needle to break.
12. Do not use bent needles.
13. Do not pull or push fabric while stitching. It may deflect
the needle causing it to break.
14. Switch the sewing machine to the symbol "O" position
when making any adjustments in the needle area, such
as threading needle, changing needle, or changing
presser foot, etc.
15. Always unplug the sewing machine from the electrical
outlet when removing covers, lubricating, or when
making any other user servicing adjustments mentioned
in the instruction manual.
16. Electrical Hazards:
- This machine should be connected to an AC power
source within the range indicated on the rating label.
Do not connect it to a DC power source or inverter. If
you are not sure what kind of power source you have,
contact a qualified electrician.
- This machine is approved for use in the country of
purchase only.
17. This sewing machine is not intended for use by young
children or infirm persons without supervision.
18. Young children should be supervised to ensure that they
do not play with this sewing machine.
19. Do not disassenble the machine.
20. If the LED light unit (light-emitting diode) is damaged, it
must be replaced by authorized dealer.
To use the machine safely
1. (For U.S.A. only)
This appliance has a polarized plug (one blade wider
than the other) to reduce the risk of electric shock, this
plug is intended to fit in a polarized outlet only one way.
If the plug does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the plug.
If it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician to
install the proper outlet.
Do not modify the plug in any way.
2. Make sure you watch the needles carefully while you are
sewing. Do not touch the handwheel, needles, knives, or
other moving parts.
3. Turn off the main power and unplug the cord in the
following circumstances:
- When you have stopped using the machine
- When you are replacing or removing the needle or any
other part
- If there is a power failure while you are using the
- If you are checking or cleaning the machine
- Leaving the machine unattended
4. Do not store anything on the foot controller.
5. Fully plug the machine directly into the wall. Do not use
extension cords.
6. If water is dropped on the machine, unplug the machine
immediately, and contact your local authorized dealer.
7. Do not put furniture on the cord.
8. Do not bend the cord, or pull on the cord to unplug.
9. Do not touch the cord with wet hands.
10. Place the machine near to the wall outlet.
11. Do not place the machine on an unstable surface.
12. Do not put on the soft cover.
13. If you notice any abnormal sound or condition, consult
your local authorized dealer.
To give your machine a longer life
1. Do not store this machine in direct sunlight or in high
humidity conditions. Do not use or store the machine
near a heater, iron, halogen lamp or other hot object.
2. Use only mild soaps or detergents to clean the case.
Benzene, thinner, and scouring powders can damage
the case and machine, and should never be used.
3. Do not drop or hit the machine.
4. Always consult this manual before you replace or fit the
presser foot, needle, or any other parts to make sure
you fit them correctly.
To repair or adjust the machine
If the machine breaks down or needs adjustment,
first follow the troubleshooting table to inspect and
adjust the machine yourself. If the problem persists,
consult your local authorized dealer.



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