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Pendant Dome Installation - Honeywell HD6 Series Installation Manual

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3.2.2 Pendant Dome Installation

Refer to
1. Route the field-run wiring through the cable hole in the top plate (cable enters hole
on back side of plate – opposite circuit board). Install the 24Vac power wires, data
wires, and alarm wires on the correct positions on terminal strip TB1. The terminal
strip is labeled to show the function of each position.
a. Flip up the tab on the terminal strip.
b. Strip the wire approximately 7/16" to ensure the wire makes contact in the
c. Insert the wire fully into the hole on the terminal strip to ensure the wire does not
d. Push the tab down to secure the wire.
e. Install the mating BNC connector (must be supplied by installer) on the field run
2. If this is the last dome in a daisy-chain wiring loop, the receive and transmit
communication lines must be terminated. All intermediate domes must be
unterminated. If this is the only dome on a data line, the receive and transmit
communication lines must be terminated.
Install Jumper W1 on pins 1 and 2 (terminated) to terminate the data.
Install Jumper W1 on pins 2 and 3 (unterminated) to unterminate the data.
Install Jumper W2 on pins 2 and 3 for all domes.
3. For standard HD6 2-wire communication, install Jumpers W3 and W4 on position 1
and 2 for all domes.
4. Take up any excess slack in the field wiring and tape the wiring together (on the
backside of the plate) as close to the cable hole as possible so it does not interfere
with rotation of the scan.
5. Secure the top plate in the housing.
a. Feed excess wiring into nipple on housing.
b. Align the tabs on the plate with the slots in the housing.
c. Push the plate up into the housing until the spring latch catches and locks the
6. Refer to the HD6 Series User Manual to install the scan.
Rev. 1.02
Figure 12
for installation diagram.
terminal strip.
short to adjacent wires.
coax cable. Connect the video coaxial cable to the BNC connector on the top
top plate.


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