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Honeywell GSMX4G Installation And Setup Manual page 19

Intellipath series 4g gsm communicator auto-selects optimum gsm path - 2g, 3g, or 4g
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GSMX4G / GSMXCN4G Installation and Setup Guide
Setting up E-mail Notifications (Multi-Mode feature)
NOTE: E-mail notification is intended as a convenience for the user, and does
not replace Central Station reporting of critical events (alarms, troubles, etc.).
Users can receive e-mail notification of system events by using the Multi-Mode
feature. The following items must be met to use this feature.
In order for the Multi Mode, Remote Access, and Keypad Address programming
fields to appear an account must be created in the AlarmNet Direct website and
"Remote Access" must be enabled for the comm device.
The communicator will emulate one or two 4204 relay modules to accommodate
system events that are programmed in the control panel. When programming
the communicator, at prompt #10, choose 4204-Sourced so the user can be
notified of up to four events, or choose 2-4204-Sourced so the user can be
notified of up to eight system events.
The 4204 relay events used to trigger email notifications are defined on the
Honeywell Total Connect website, and must correspond to outputs (relays)
programmed in the control panel through Output Device programming.
The Multi-Mode address selected at prompt #11 in the communicator (or at the
AlarmNet Direct website) must match the address of a 4204 relay module
enabled in the control panel (although you don't actually connect a module).
If using "2-4204-sourced," the address of the second module is automatically
assigned the next device address after the first 4204. Make sure that address is
also enabled in the control panel.
Multi Mode
Multi Mode
• Disabled
Enable if you want system events
sent by e-mail to the user. Select
• 4204
"4204 Sourced" to send up to four
events, or "2-4204 Sourced" to
• 2-4204
send up to eight events.
Disable for normal alarm
• Enhanced
processing and go to Prompt 12
"Primary City ID" prompt.
Select "Enhanced Reports" to
enable reporting to TC2 web
services. Note, to use "Enhanced
Reports" ensure the control panel
is Total Connect 2.0 Ready.
This address must be
programmed if using the Multi-
Mode (e-mail notification)
feature. The device address must
be unique from the normal com-
municator (or LRR) device
address and the Keypad Address
used for Remote Access or Direct
Wire downloading.
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