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Mitsubishi Electric FR-CS84-012 Instruction Manual Page 10

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 Any person must stay away from the motor or machinery when the retry function or the automatic restart after
instantaneous power failure function is set in the inverter as the motor or the machine will restart suddenly after an
inverter fault or instantaneous power failure.
 It may happen depending on the inverter's function settings that the inverter does not stop its output even when the
STOP/RESET key on the operation panel is pressed. To prepare for it, provide a separate circuit and switch (to turn the
inverter power OFF, or apply a mechanical brake, etc.) for an emergency stop.
 Be sure to turn OFF the start (STF/STR) signal before clearing the fault as the inverter will restart the motor suddenly
after a fault clear.
 Use only a three-phase induction motor as a load on this product. Connection of any other electrical equipment to the
inverter output may damage the equipment.
 Do not modify the product.
 Do not remove any part which is not instructed to be removed in the Instruction Manuals. Doing so may lead to a failure
or damage of the product.
 The electronic thermal O/L relay function may not be enough for protection of a motor from overheating. It is
recommended to install an external thermal relay for overheat protection.
 Do not use a magnetic contactor on the inverter input side for frequent starting/stopping of the inverter. Otherwise the
life of the inverter decreases.
 Use a noise filter or other means to minimize the electromagnetic interference with other electronic equipment used
nearby the inverter.
 Appropriate measures must be taken to suppress harmonics. Otherwise harmonics in power systems generated from
the inverter may heat/damage a power factor correction capacitor or a generator.
 For a 400 V class motor driven by the inverter, use an insulation-enhanced motor, or take measures to suppress surge
voltage. Otherwise surge voltage attributable to the line constants may occur at the motor terminals, deteriorating the
insulation of the motor.
 As all parameters return to their initial values after the Parameter clear or All parameter clear is performed, the needed
parameters for the inverter operation must be set again before the operation is started.
 The inverter can be easily set for high-speed operation. Therefore, consider all things related to the operation such as
the performance of a motor and equipment in a system before the setting change.
 Before running an inverter which have been stored and not been operated for a long period, perform an inspection and
a test operation.
 To avoid damage to the product due to static electricity, static electricity in your body must be discharged before you
touch the product.
Emergency stop
 A safety backup such as an emergency brake must be provided for devices or equipment in a system to prevent
hazardous conditions in case of the inverter failure.
 If a breaker on the inverter input side is tripped, the wiring must be checked for a fault (such as short circuit), and internal
parts of the inverter for a damage, etc. Identify and remove the cause of the trip before resetting the tripped breaker (or
before applying the power to the inverter again).
 When any protective function is activated, take an appropriate corrective action before resetting the inverter to resume
the operation.
Maintenance, inspection and parts replacement
 Do not carry out a megger (insulation resistance) test on the control circuit of the inverter. Doing so will cause a failure.
 The product must be treated as industrial waste.


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