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Rinse Aid; Setting Amount Of Rinse Aid; Detergent With A Rinse Aid Component - Siemens SN series Instruction Manual

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en Rinse aid

Rinse aid

The rinse aid ensures stain-free dishes
R i n s e a i d
and clear glasses. Use only rinse aid
for domestic dishwashers. As soon as
the rinse aid refill indicator )* lights up
in the control panel, there is still a rinse
aid reserve of 1-2 rinse cycles. Top up
the rinse aid.
Top up the rinse aid as follows:
Open dispenser 92; press lug on
the lid (1) and lift (2).
Add rinse aid up to the max. mark.
Close the lid.
The lid "clicks" into position.
Remove overflowed rinse aid with a
This prevents excessive frothing
during the next rinse cycle.

Setting amount of rinse aid

You can set the amount of rinse aid that
should be added to a value between
§:‹‹ and §:‹‡. Setting the amount of
rinse aid to be dispensed to §:‹† will
give you a very good drying result. The
factory setting is §:‹†. Do not change
the amount of rinse aid unless there are
streaks or water stains on the utensils.
Set a lower level to avoid streaks. Set a
higher level to avoid water stains.
Here's how to set the amount of rinse
Switch on ON/OFF switch (.
Press and hold the ‹ button
for 3 seconds.
The value •:‹... and ' will appear in
the display window @. .
Press the ‹ button repeatedly
until the factory setting value §:‹†
appears in the display window @.
Adjust the setting using the buttons -
and + P.
Press and hold the ‹ button
for 3 seconds.
The chosen setting has now been
stored in your dishwasher.
Using detergent with a rinse
aid component
I n general, you can use detergent with
D e t e r g e n t w i t h a r i n s e a i d c o m p o n e n t
a rinse aid component up to a water
hardness level of 21 °dH (37 °fH, 26
°Clark, 3.7 mmol/L) without adding
rinse aid. Above a water hardness value
of 21 °dH, use additional rinse aid.



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