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Siemens PAD-4 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual page 52

Distributed power module nac expander
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PAD-4 Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
maintains periodic inspection of the production of
such labeled equipment or materials.
Listed. Equipment or materials included in a list
published by an organization acceptable to the
AHJ and concerned with product evaluation.
Inclusion in the list indicates that the equipment or
materials comply with appropriate standards, and
has been found suitable for use in a specified
manner. The manufacturer maintains periodic
inspection of production of listed equipment or
NEC. National Electrical Code also published as
NFPA standard 70.
Notification Appliance. An electrically operated
appliance used to indicate the system status such
as a bell, horn, strobe light or speaker.
Notification Appliance Circuit (NAC). A circuit
to which notification appliances are connected.
PAD. Power Auxilliary Device
Power Supply. That portion of the fire alarm
control unit which provides the power needed to
operate all control unit modules, as well as that,
needed to operate all electrically powered initiat-
ing devices and all notification appliances.
Trouble Signal. An audible signal indicating
trouble of any nature, such as a circuit break or
ground, occurring in the device or wiring associ-
ated with a fire alarm signal.
Zone. A designated area of a building.

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