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Siemens PAD-4 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual page 2

Distributed power module nac expander
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Cyber security disclaimer
Siemens products and solutions provide security functions to ensure the secure operation of building comfort,
fire safety, security management and physical security systems. The security functions on these products and
solutions are important components of a comprehensive security concept.
It is, however, necessary to implement and maintain a comprehensive, state-of-the-art security concept that is
customized to individual security needs. Such a security concept may result in additional site-specific preventive
action to ensure that the building comfort, fire safety, security management or physical security system for your
site are operated in a secure manner. These measures may include, but are not limited to, separating networks,
physically protecting system components, user awareness programs, defense in depth, etc.
For additional information on building technology security and our offerings, contact your Siemens sales or
project department. We strongly recommend customers to follow our security advisories, which provide infor-
mation on the latest security threats, patches and other mitigation measures.

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