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Maintenance; Before Requesting Services; Troubleshooting; Indoor Unit - Panasonic S-22MU2E5A Operating Instructions Manual

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For safety, be sure to turn the air conditioner off and disconnect
the power before cleaning. (Otherwise, electric shock or injury may
result because the fan is rotating at high speed.)
Do not pour water on the indoor unit. (This may damage the internal
components and cause an electric shock hazard.)
Never use solvents or harsh chemicals. Also, do not wipe plastic parts
using very hot water. (This may cause deformation or change in colour.)
Some metal edges and fins are sharp. Be careful when you clean
those parts. (Injury may result.)
Use a firm stool or ladder when cleaning an indoor unit installed in
high locations.

Tips for Energy Saving

„ Avoid
Do not block the air intake and outlet of the unit. (If either is obstructed, the unit will not function well, causing
During cooling operation, use sunshades, blinds or curtains to prevent direct sunlight from entering the room.
„ Do
Always keep the air filter clean. (A clogged filter will impair the performance of the unit.) → "Maintenance" (P.6)
To prevent conditioned air from escaping, keep windows, doors and any other openings closed.
The air
conditioner does
not operate
although the
power is turned
Poor cooling
or heating
* Regarding the remote control display, see the page 81.
If your air conditioner does not work properly even after checking each item of
"Before Requesting Services" and "Troubleshooting"
Stop the operation immediately and turn the power off. Then contact your dealer and report the serial number and symptom.
You also report if the inspection mark
remote controller.
Never repair the air conditioner by yourself since it is very dangerous for you to do so.
AMP Air Conditioning

Before Requesting Services

Power failure or after power failure
The operation (power) button is turned off.
Fuse blow out.
The air intake or air outlet of indoor and
outdoor units is clogged with dust.
The fan speed switch is set to "Low".*
Improper temperature settings
The room is exposed to direct sunlight in
cooling mode.
Doors or windows are open.
The air filter is clogged.
Too many heat sources in the room in
cooling mode.
Too many people in the room in cooling
and the letters E, F, H, L, P in combination with numbers appear on the LCD of the

Indoor unit

(e.g. Type U2)
Wipe with a soft cloth.
(If it is very dirty, use a cloth moistened with water.)
The internal coil and other components of the
outdoor unit must be cleaned periodically.
• Consult your dealer or service center.
Press the power ON/OFF button on the remote controller.
• If the breaker is turned off, turn the power on.
• If the breaker has been tripped, consult your dealer
without turning it on.
Contact your dealer.
Remove the dust.
Change to "Medium" or "High".*
See "Tips for Energy Saving". (P.6)
See "Maintenance". (P.6)
Use minimum heat sources and in a short time.
Lower the temperature setting or change to "Medium" or
"High".* |
Air outlet
Air intake

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