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Troubleshooting; Tips; Switch On; Remote Control - Philips 32PFS5803 User Manual

5803 series.
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Switch On

The TV does not switch on
• Disconnect the power cable from the power outlet.
Wait for one minute then reconnect it. Make sure that
the power cable is securely connected. Try switching
on again.
• Connect the TV to another wall mains socket and try
switching on.
• Disconnect all connected devices from the TV and
try switching on.
• If the standby light on TV is on, the TV might not
Keywords in Help
respond to the remote control.
Creaking sound at startup or switch off
When you are turning the TV on or standby, you hear
a creaking sound from the TV chassis. The creaking
sound is due to the normal expansion and
contraction of the TV as it cools and warms up. This
does not affect performance.
The TV goes back to standby after showing the
Philips startup screen
When the TV is in standby, a Philips startup screen is
displayed, then the TV returns to standby mode. This
is normal behaviour. When the TV is disconnected
and reconnected to the power supply, the startup
screen is displayed at the next startup. To switch on
the TV from standby, press
remote control or the TV.
The standby light keeps on blinking
Disconnect the power cable from the power outlet.
Wait 5 minutes before you reconnect the power
cable. If the blinking reoccurs, contact Philips TV
Consumer Care.
In Help > User manual, press the colour
Keywords and look up Contact Info.
TV switches off by itself
If the TV switches off suddenly, the setting Switch off
timer might be switched on. With
timer the TV switches off after 4 hours if no remote
control signals were received. To avoid this automatic
switch off, you can deactivate this switch off.
In Help > User manual, press the colour
Keywords and look up Switch Off Timer.
Also, if the TV does not receive a TV signal nor a
remote control command for 10 minutes, the TV
switches off automatically.

Remote Control

TV does not respond to the remote control
• The TV requires some time to start up. During this
time, the TV does not respond to the remote control
or TV controls. This is normal behaviour.
• The batteries of the remote control might be empty.
Replace the batteries with new ones.
(Standby / On) the
Switch off


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