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RS2120i EN

Advanced Playback Controls

In CD and USB mode, advanced playback
controls allow you to sample, repeat and
random playback files and set up a Program
List. In USB mode, it allows you to

rename tracks.

Sampling Tracks
Press INTRO on the remote control to play
the first 10 seconds of each track on the
current disc or turn intro mode off. Intro is
displayed when sampling is activated.
Press REPEAT on the remote control to
select repeat options:
Repeat the current track (REPEAT 1) or
Repeat all tracks in USB mode
Random Playback
on the remote control to turn
on/off random playback.
when it is activated.

Setting Up a Program List

1. In CD navigation mode, use the
navigation buttons to select the track to
add to Program List.
2. Press ADD on the remote control to add
selected track into the next available
program location.
3. Repeat steps 1 to 3 to store more tracks
into program memory.
4. Wait for a few seconds timeout to return
to Navigation mode.
Playing a Program List
In CD stop mode, press PROG to enter
program mode and then press
playback will begin. Program is displayed.
11:05 AM
Page 21
is displayed
. Program
Display Program List
1. While the CD playback is stopped, press
PROG to enter PROGRAM mode. To
display program list, press
2. Press
repeatedly to view
each track assignment in the program list.
Deleting from Program List
1. While in PROGRAM mode, press
to select the program to delete.
2. Press DELETE on the unit or DEL on the
remote control.
3. Press
to select between "No" to
cancel and "Yes" to confirm.
4. Press
to confirm selection.
• You can create a program of up
to 32 tracks.
• In Program stop mode, press STOP
twice to turn off Program mode.
Deleting the Entire Program List
Follow the above steps by pressing and
holding DELETE on the unit or DEL on the
remote control instead of pressing
and releasing.

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