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RS2120i EN
4. If a different program location is
preferred, press
desired preset number (1-32).
5. Press PROG to store the selected
frequency at that preset.
Auto Preset Programming (FM only)
Press and hold the BAND button for 2
seconds to scan stations in the FM band. The
stations will then be stored as preset
channels. A maximum of 32 stations can be
stored. Be careful of your preset channels
being erased accidentally because the
scanning and storing process is automatic
upon pressing the button. You can stop the
automatic scan by pressing any button, but
the erased stations cannot be recovered.
Recording to the USB drive

An Overview

• You can record CD, Tuner, iPod, USB or
AUX files to the MSC device which
connected to the USB Jack.
• Recording function always records what is
being played. Press SOURCE to select the
source you want to record from.
• In general, recording starts instantly when
RECORD is pressed. It stops when
• During recording, REC icon lights.
Recording CD to USB drive
1. Connect the USB drive to the unit's
USB jack.
2. In CD stop mode, press RECORD. Playback
and recording start automatically and the
REC icon lights.
Recording any passage from a CD
(except for mp3 CD)
1. Play the CD.
2. Press RECORD when you want to start
you want to stop recording. You can start
whenever you want.
11:05 AM
Page 18
to move to the
or RECORD is pressed.
or RECORD to stop
or RECORD when
Using Presets
• When in PRESET mode, press
to access the previous or next
preset station.

Suppressing Stereo Signal

Press FM ST on the remote control to select
between FM mono and stereo mode.
STEREO is displayed in stereo mode.
Tip: Under PRESET mode, press
can only access the
preset stations. Manual tuning is not
available in this mode.
Note: When recording from an
mp3 CD, recording always begin
at the beginning of the song even when
started from a mid-song location.
Record only selected tracks from a CD
1. Create a CD program by following the
instructions under "Setting Up a Program
List" on page 14.
2. In CD stop mode, press PROG and then
RECORD. Playback and recording start
automatically. The Program icon lights
and REC icon lights on the display.
3. Recording stops automatically when the
program is finished.
Recording iPod/Tuner/AUX
to USB drive
1. Press SOURCE to select the source you
want to record from. If you selects Tuner
mode, select the station to record (refer to
page 10 – 11 for details).
2. Press RECORD to start recording.
stop recording.
Program Recording
Refer to "Setting the Timer" on page 7.
or RECORD to

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