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Installation; Operation; Preventative Maintenance; Replacement Of Parts - DeVilbiss FinishLine FLG-611-114 Operation Manuals

Conventional and hvlp gravity feed spray gun and cup outfits. finishline flg-611 series; finishline flg-631 series
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IMPORTANT: To ensure that this equipment reaches you in first class condition, protective coatings, rust inhibitors etc, have
been used. Flush all equipment through with a suitable solvent before use to remove these agents from the material passages.
1. Attach air supply hose to inlet connector from a filtered, regulated air supply.
2. Tighten cup lid securely onto cup body, snap lid vent cap closed before spraying.
Recommended air supply hose size: up to 10 metres long, 8 mm (


1. Strain the material through 60 or 90 mesh screen.
2. Adjust fluid needle adjustment screw to deliver the desired paint volume.
3. Adjust air pressure to provide a uniform dispersion of atomized paint throughout the pattern.
As a general rule: The No. 1 (conventional) air cap requires an air supply at gun inlet of approximately 45 psi
The No. 2 (conventional) air cap requires an air supply at the gun of approximately 40 psi
The No. 3 (HVLP) air cap requires a maximum of 23 psi gun inlet pressure, with 10 psi at the air cap
4. Keep air pressure as low as possible to minimize bounce back and overspray.
5. Excessive fluid flow will result in heavy center-spray patterns.
6. Inadequate flows may cause the pattern to split.


1. To clean air cap and fluid tip, brush exterior with a stiff bristle brush.
2. If any holes in the air cap are blocked use a toothpick or broom straw to remove the obstruction. Never use a steel wire
or hard implement this may scratch or blurr holes causing a distorted spray pattern.
3. To clean fluid passages, remove excess material in the cup, then flush with a suitable solvent.
4. Wipe gun exterior with a solvent - dampened cloth. Never completely immerse in solvent as this is detrimental to the
lubricants and packings.
Oil daily, the air valve stem where it enters the gun body and the needle (6) where it enters the screw (8). DeVilbiss spray gun
lube (SSL-10) is recommended for spray gun lubrication.


NOTE: The air and coating material connectors are not removable. They are fitted and sealed. Any attempt to remove them
will result in irreparable damage to the spray gun.
Nozzle (3) and Needle (6).
1. Remove the adjusting screw (14), spring (13) and needle (6).
2. Remove the retaining nut (1) and air cap (2).
3. Using the fluid tip tool (15) supplied, carefully unscrew the nozzle (3).
4. Remove the baffle plate (5).
5. Replace any worn or damaged parts.
6. Reassemble in the reverse order. Ensure that the baffle plate (5) is assembled in the correct direction.
Spreader Valve (12).
Remove valve assembly (12) and replace if necessary with a new assembly.
NOTE: When refitting the valve (12) always ensure that the adjusting knob is opened fully by turning counter-clockwise until
the stop is reached. Attempting to fit the valve in the closed position may result in damage to the unit.
Air Valve
1 Remove valve cap (19) using knife blade.
2 Remove valve cap body (18) using 6mm hex key.
3 Apply gun lube oil to new air valve stem and seal (16) and fit to gun
4 Replace new air valve spring (17) and valve cap body (18) and snap fit new valve cap (19) into place.
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