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Air Conditioner - Beko 30925 User Manual


Certificate Of Warranty

Air Conditioner

1) The warranty period shall commence upon the delivery of the product and is specified as 3 years.
2) Starting from the delivery date, this warranty shall cover the whole product including all the parts incorporated for material,
workmanship and manufacturing errors during the period specified above on the condition that the product has been used in
accordance with the introductory and user manuals and has not been interfered for maintenance, repair or another purpose by persons
other than those authorised by Arçelik A.Ş.
3) If the product is defective, in compliance with the clauses laid down in the Article 11 of the Law no. 6502 on Consumer Protection; the
consumer shall become entitled to use one of the rights listed below
a- To cancel the contract,
b- To claim a deduction on the sale price,
c- To claim a free of charge repair,
d-To claim product replacement with a free of defects equivalent.
4) If the consumer prefers his/her right to get a free of charge repair; the seller shall be liable for repairing the product or have it repaired
without charging any fees under the name of labour cost, replaced part cost or any other reason. Also, the consumer shall be able to use
his/her right to get a free of charge repair against the manufacturer or the importer. The seller, the manufacturer and the importer shall
be severally liable for the customer to use this right.
5) In the case that the consumer uses his/her right to get a free of charge repair, if;
- The product breaks down again within the warranty period,
- If the maximum duration required for repair is exceeded,If the authorised service centre, the seller, the manufacturer or the importer
designates the product as irreparable;the consumer shall be entitled to claim refund, deduction on the price in the ratio of the defect or a
replacement with a free of defect equivalent, if present, from the seller.The seller shall not have the right to reject the consumer's claim.
The seller, the manufacturer and the importer shall be severally liable in the event that this claim has been rejected.
6) The maximum repair duration for the product cannot exceed 20 workdays during its service life specified in the relevant legislation.
This period shall commence; on the date of submitting the failure of product to the authorised service centre or to the seller within the
warranty period, or on the date of delivery of the product to the authorised service station out of the warranty period. If the product
under warranty cannot be repaired within 10 workdays, the manufacturer or the importer shall; be obliged to assign another product
with similar specifiications to the consumer's use until the defective product is repaired. If the consumer does not demand another
product with similar specifications, the manufacturer or the importers shall be released from this obligation. If the product breaks down
within the warranty period, the down time shall be added to the warranty period.
7) Damages and failures resulting from using the product contrastively with the rules specified in the user manual are not covered by the
8) The consumer shall be able to go to the Consumer Arbitration Court or the Consumer Court found in the area where the place of
residence is included or where the consumer processes are carried out in the case of disputes regarding the rights that come with the
9) If this certificate is not provided by he seller, the consumer shall have the right to refer to the Ministry of Customs and Trade Consumer
Protection and the General Directorate of Market Surveillance.
Manufacturer's or Importer's;
Arçelik A. .
Arçelik A
Sütlüce / STANBUL
(0-216) 585 8 888
(0-216) 423 23 53
web adress :
The Seller's:
Fax :
ç Caddesi No:2-6, 34445,
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Banderole and Serial No:
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Air Conditioner
20 Workdays



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