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Options - Electrolux EW8H258SP User Manual

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Pościel XL
Mieszane XL
1) The maximum weight refers to dry items.
2) For fabric mark meaning see chapter
3) The
according to Commission Regulation EU n 392/2012. It is suitable for drying normal wet cot‐
ton laundry and it is the most efficient programme in terms of energy consumption for drying
wet cotton laundry.


6.1 Ochrona przed
Extends the anti-crease phase by 30,60,
90 or 2 hours at the end of the drying
cycle. This function reduces creases.
The laundry can be removed during the
anti-crease phase.
6.2 Poziom wysuszenia
This function helps to increase dryness
of the laundry. There are 3 options:
Extra suche
Suche do szafy
Suche do prasowania
6.3 Suszenie na czas
You can set the programme duration,
from a minimum of 10 minutes to a
maximum of 2 hours. The required
duration is related to the quantity of
laundry in the appliance.
We recommend that you set
a short duration for small
quantities of laundry or for
only one item.
4 kg
4,5 kg
6 kg
Bawełna Suche do szafy ECO programme is the "Standard cotton programme"
Properties / Fabric type
Leisure clothing such as jeans,
sweat-shirts of different material
thicknesses (e.g. at the neck,
cuffs and seams).
Up to three bed linen sets, one
of which can be double size.
Mix of garments made of cotton,
cotton-synthetic blend and syn‐
thetic fabric.
HINTS AND TIPS: Preparing the laundry.
6.4 Suszenie na czas on
Wełniane programme
Option suitable for Wełniane programme
to adjust final dryness level.
6.5 Odświeżanie
To refresh clothes that were in storage.
Maximum load cannot exceed 1 kg.
6.6 Sygnał końca cyklu
The buzzer sounds at the:
• cycle end
• start and end of the anti-crease phase
• cycle interruption
The buzzer function is by default always
on. You can use this function to activate
or deactivate the sound.
You can activate the Sygnał
końca cyklu option with all
6.7 Obroty Plus
Increase drum reversing frequency to
reduce items twisting and entanglement.
To increase uniformity of drying result
and help reduce creases. Recommended