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Expansion Slots; Hard Drives/z Turbo Drive G2 M.2 Modules; Handling Hard Drives - HP Z1 G3 Maintenance And Service Manual

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Expansion slots

The workstation has the following expansion slots:
One MXM slot that supports Type A cards (dedicated for graphics)
Two M.2, Socket 3, Key M connectors that support PCIe G3x4 or AHCI SSDs. M.2 module sizes 2242-D5-
M, 2260-D5-M, 2280-D5-M are supported by moving the M.2 card hold-down to one of 3 locations
One M.2 PCIe slot for 2210 A/E Key Wireless Card slot
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To prevent damage, the overall power consumption of the computer (including I/O cards, CPU,
and memory) must not exceed the maximum rating of the computer power supply. For power supply
information, see

Hard drives/Z Turbo Drive G2 M.2 modules

To verify the type, size, and capacity of the storage devices installed in the computer, run Computer
Setup (F10) Utility.
The workstation supports 2.5" SFF SATA HDDs or SSDs and M.2 Key M PCIe or AHCI SSDs
No cable adapters are required for any hard drives. The cables necessary for all hard drive configurations
are included in the base system and automatically "blind mate" or "direct connect" to the drive(s) when

Handling hard drives

Take proper precautions when handling hard drives to prevent loss of work and damage to the
computer or drive.
Do not remove hard drives from the shipping package for storage. Keep hard drives in their protective
packaging until they are mounted in the computer.
Always shut down the operating system, turn off the power, and unplug the power cord. Never remove a
drive while the computer is on or in standby mode.
Before handling a drive, be sure that you discharge static electricity. While handling a drive, avoid
touching the connector.
Handle a drive carefully. Do not drop it from any height.
Do not use excessive force when inserting a drive.
Avoid exposing a hard drive to liquids, temperature extremes, or products that have magnetic fields
such as monitors or speakers.
If you must mail a drive, use a bubble-pack mailer or other protective packaging and label the package
"Fragile: Handle With Care."
to learn which cards are supported in the workstation.
Power supply specifications on page
Component replacement guidelines


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