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Using Bluetooth; Connecting Bluetooth Devices; Playback Using Bluetooth; Using The Line-In - Kenwood M-817DAB Operating Instructions Manual

Compact stereo system
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Using Bluetooth

Using Bluetooth
Press the BT button on the remote or the Source button on the main device until the display shows "BLUE".

Connecting Bluetooth Devices

The Bluetooth function allows music files to be sent wirelessly to the system (audio streaming). To connect
devices (such as smartphones), please follow these steps:
Open the connection setting on your Bluetooth device and search for
2. Choose
and a tune plays. The connection is now complete.
If your Bluetooth device asks for a 4-character PIN, enter
The Bluetooth device has now been saved and will connect automatically in the future.
To connect another Bluetooth device, repeat steps 1-3.

Playback using Bluetooth

To play music via audio streaming, please use an audio player of your choice on your Bluetooth device.
You now have the following control options:
on the remote control or on the device to pause or start the playback.
Press the⏩ or ⏪buttons on the remote control or main device to go to the previous or next track.
Pressing the
When you press and hold Enter on the remote control or the main device for 3 seconds, this disconnects
Bluetooth. You will see the message "BLUE" on the display. To reconnect, briefly switch to another source,
and then back to Bluetooth.
If the Bluetooth connection is disconnected because it is out of range, an automatic reconnection will be
made as soon as the distance reduces.

Using the Line-In

Playing from external devices
You can connect via Line-in to play back music from external devices such as MP3 players, DVD players or game
To select this source, press the Source button on the remote control, or Source on the main unit until the
display shows "LINE IN".
as your connection and wait until the message
button stops playback.
appears in the display



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