Functional Description - Makita 3612BR Instruction Manual

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Make sure the bit is not contacting the
workpiece before the switch is turned on.
10. Before using the tool on an actual workpiece,
let it run for a while. Watch for vibration or
that could
installed bit.
Be careful of the bit rotating direction and the
feed direction.
12. Do not leave the tool running. Operate the tool
only when hand-held.
13. Always switch off and wait for the bit to come
to a complete stop before removing the tool
from workpiece.
14. Do not touch the bit immediately after
operation; it may be extremely hot and could
burn your skin.
15. Do not smear the tool base carelessly with
thinner, gasoline, oil or the like. They may
cause cracks in the tool base.
16. Draw attention to the need to use cutters of the
correct shank diameter and which are suitable
for the speed of the tool.
17. Some material contains chemicals which may
be toxic. Take caution to prevent dust
inhalation and skin contact. Follow material
supplier safety data.
18. Always use the correct dust mask/respirator
for the material and application you are
working with.
DO NOT let comfort or familiarity with product
(gained from repeated use) replace strict adherence
to safety rules for the subject product. MISUSE or
failure to follow the safety rules stated in this
instruction manual may cause serious personal
indicate improperly


Always be sure that the tool is switched off and
unplugged before adjusting or checking function on
the tool.
Adjusting the depth of cut
Place the tool on a flat surface. Loosen the lock lever and
lower the tool body until the bit just touches the flat
surface. Press the lock lever down to lock the tool body.
Now lower the stopper pole until it makes contact with the
stopper block. The stopper pole can be moved rapidly by
depressing the fast-feed button. Raise the stopper pole
until the desired depth of cut is obtained. The depth of cut
is equal to the distance between the stopper pole and the
stopper block. Stopper pole travel can be checked with
the scale (1 mm per graduation) on the tool body. Minute
depth adjustments can be obtained by turning the
stopper pole (1.5 mm per turn).
The stopper block has the adjusting hex bolts which
move 1 mm per turn. They are convenient for making
stepped cuts. To adjust the hex bolts, first loosen the hex
nuts on the hex bolts with the wrench and then turn the
hex bolts. After obtaining the desired position, tighten the
hex nuts.
Nylon nut
By turning the nylon nut, the upper limit of the tool body
can be adjusted. When the tip of the bit is retracted more
than required in relation to the base plate surface, turn
the nylon nut to lower the upper limit.
1. Stopper pole
2. Fast-feed button
3. Fine adjusting
4. Stopper block
5. Lock lever
1. Nylon nut

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