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Global console managers
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Cable chaining enables users to manage a "daisy chain" of multiple servers through a single connection to
the console switch, replacing many long cables with just a few short ones, simplifying rack management,
helping lower cabling cost and reducing setup, diagnostic, and maintenance times. The daisy-chain
connectivity has the added advantage of thin, flexible, industry-standard CAT5 cabling and standard RJ-45
connectors, eliminating the need for one-to-one, dedicated cable connections between KVM switch ports
and managed devices. This cable chaining solution allows up to 16 target systems to be chained together
and connected to one port on the switch.
Figure 5 shows an example of chaining three target systems from one port on the console switch. Each
conversion option part number includes a CAT-5 cable to connect it to either the console switch or its
neighbor conversion option. The console switch includes the terminator needed at the end of the daisy
Figure 5. Chaining using USB Conversion Options
Note: The Virtual Media Conversion Options (VCO and VCO2) do not support chaining.
Tiered consoles
GCM16 and GCM32 Global Console Managers



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