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Part Number Information - Lenovo Cisco Catalyst 3012 Product Manual

Gigabit ethernet switch module for bladecenter
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Part number information

Table 1 shows the part numbers to order this module.
Table 1. Part numbers and feature codes for ordering
Cisco Catalyst Switch Module 3012
The switch module part number includes the following items:
Cisco Catalyst Switch Module 3012
USB-to-DB9 console cable
Getting started guide
Safety Information
The switch uses standard Category 5, 5e, or 6 cabling with RJ-45 connectors. These cables are not
supplied with the switch.
The supported features and specifications for the Cisco Catalyst 3012 switch module are:
Four external RJ-45 1000BASE-T connectors for making 10/100/1000 Mbps connections to a
backbone, end stations, and servers.
14 internal full-duplex Gigabit ports, one connected to each of the blade servers in the BladeCenter
USB-style serial port. This is the Cisco console port, and offers a totally out-of-band management
path if desired. A USB-to-DB9 cable is used to connect the switch module to PC. This cable is
shipped with the switch.
One internal full-duplex 100 Mbps port connected to the management module.
Performance features:
Autosensing of speed on the 10/100/1000 ports and auto-negotiation of duplex mode on the ports
for optimizing bandwidth.
Gigabit EtherChannel for enhanced fault tolerance and for providing up to 4 Gbps of bandwidth
between switches, routers, and servers.
Support for standard frames with sizes from 64 to 1530 bytes and jumbo frames with a maximum
size of 9216.
Forwarding of Layer 2 frames and Layer 3 packets at 1 Gbps line rate.
Per-port broadcast-storm control for preventing a faulty end station from degrading overall system
performance with broadcast storms.
Port Aggregation Protocol (PAgP) and Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) for automatic
creation of EtherChannel links.
Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) snooping support to limit flooding of IP multicast traffic.
Multicast Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) registration (MVR) to continuously send multicast
streams in a multicast VLAN, while isolating the streams from subscriber VLANs for bandwidth and
IGMP filtering for controlling the set of multicast groups to which hosts on a switch port can belong.
Dynamic address learning for enhanced security.
Cisco Catalyst Switch Module 3012 for BladeCenter (withdrawn product)
Part number
Feature code



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